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Mobeetie Sweetwater Creek Ranch
History Lives on Sweetwater Creek 11 Nov 2020 Mobeetie, Texas is the oldest town in the Texas panhandle and is rich in history.
Should you buy PRF Rainfall Insurance on your ranch? 02 Nov 2020 How would my operation have been affected by rainfall insurance this year?  That is a question many ranchers are asking themselves.  Often referred to as “Drought Insurance”, Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Rainfall Insurance provides insurance coverage on otherwise uninsurable acres of pasture, rangeland and forage acres.  Instead of measuring production to determine coverage against loss, PRF uses a Rainfall Index developed by NOAA to compare actual rainfall to expected rainfall.  PRF coverage is based on grid location rainfall and not county-wide rainfall. 
agent Cade Standlee
Cade L. Standlee Joins CSM & Son 02 Nov 2020 Chas. S. Middleton & Son is pleased to announce that Cade Standlee has joined our team as a Real Estate Sales Agent in Texas. 
La Bonita Ranch
The La Bonita Ranch 29 Oct 2020 Aptly named “La Bonita” or “The Pretty” Ranch, this extremely scenic and highly improved mountain property is located near Las Vegas New Mexico in San Miguel County. 
Wildlife on the Hobo North Ranch 21 Oct 2020 The Hobo North Ranch has been very well managed for wildlife and should offer an outstanding hunting experience.
man hunting elk
Meet Dane Mount 07 Oct 2020 Get to know Associate Broker Dane Mount from Marble Falls, Texas.
FarmLogs: The Farm Management App 30 Sep 2020 What is FarmLogs? FarmLogs is a software program that provides an app for its user to help plan, manage, monitor and market their crops in one place. 
herd of animals
Wildlife On The T Lazy S Ranch 23 Sep 2020 This extremely unique property is located between the ranching communities of Guthrie and Benjamin in King County, in the Rolling Plains Region of Texas. This outstanding ranch has everything that the sportsman could desire including diverse topography, live water, sculpted brush cover and extremely functional structural improvements.
elk herd
Quinlan Ranch Elk Migration 16 Sep 2020 The Quinlan Ranch boasts outstanding big game hunting, rivaled by few, if any ranches in New Mexico. The ranch is located in a favored corridor through which elk migrate from Colorado to Rio Chama each fall and return in the spring. 
Where the Buffalo Roam 09 Sep 2020 T.D. Kelsey’s version of home on the range takes place in the heart of the Big Empty. Texas’s King County has been home to many of the most storied ranches in the history of the Lone Star State, legends such as the Matador, the Pitchfork, and the Swenson Ranches.