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Meet Jim Welles 17 Feb 2021 Jim Welles is an appraiser and Associate Broker for Chas. S. Middleton and Son based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Cyclist in Palo Duro Canyon
Meet Damon Wiseman 20 Jan 2021 Damon Wiseman is our new Digital Marketing Manager at Chas. S. Middleton and Son.
King County Wolf Creek Ranch 14 Jan 2021 The King County Wolf Creek Ranch continues to exude that feeling of a time long past, its canyons and ridges holding secrets of intrigue for those of us who appreciate a land still touched lightly by the hand of modern times.
Three Rivers Ranch – Wildlife, Live Water, Minerals and Wind Energy Production 06 Jan 2021 The Three Rivers Ranch is an exceptional offering, maybe even a once in a lifetime opportunity. The property has been under the same family ownership for over one hundred years.
Rancho Dos Arroyos, an Economical Livestock Production and Recreation Hunting Ranch 01 Dec 2020 In the Rolling Plains Region of Texas, there lies an area still wild in many ways. Sure, things are quite a bit different than they were a century ago but compared to the relatively docile nature of many Texas ranches, this area is still pretty untamed.
man hunting deer
Meet Dwain Nunez 24 Nov 2020 Get to know Associate Broker Dwain E. Nunez from New Mexico.
boy holding a rifle
An Earlier Life Way In Big Ranch Country 16 Nov 2020 During my many travels across the state of Texas over almost a half-century, I am in contact with countless people, both suburbanites and “country folk.” The contrast in both genre has been palpable, city dwellers vs. people
Mobeetie Sweetwater Creek Ranch
History Lives on Sweetwater Creek 11 Nov 2020 Mobeetie, Texas is the oldest town in the Texas panhandle and is rich in history.
Should you buy PRF Rainfall Insurance on your ranch? 02 Nov 2020 How would my operation have been affected by rainfall insurance this year?  That is a question many ranchers are asking themselves.  Often referred to as “Drought Insurance”, Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Rainfall Insurance provides insurance coverage on otherwise uninsurable acres of pasture, rangeland and forage acres.  Instead of measuring production to determine coverage against loss, PRF uses a Rainfall Index developed by NOAA to compare actual rainfall to expected rainfall.  PRF coverage is based on grid location rainfall and not county-wide rainfall. 
La Bonita Ranch
The La Bonita Ranch 29 Oct 2020 Aptly named “La Bonita” or “The Pretty” Ranch, this extremely scenic and highly improved mountain property is located near Las Vegas New Mexico in San Miguel County.