Real Estate Services For Sellers

Since 1920, Chas. S. Middleton and Son has been serving the farming and ranching communities from the cattle business, brokering farm and ranch land sales to land appraisals. Four generations of our family have strived to provide the highest level of expertise and integrity to our clients.

Our team of salesmen have decades of knowledge and connections to get your property appraised, properly marketed, inspected, negotiate deals and help with the process of obtaining financing, if needed.

We work with many trust departments, law firms, CPA’s and handle complex deals from start to finish. With sales teams in key locations in various states, we are able to serve a broad area and have a better understanding of the local area other brokerage firms may not understand in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. In addition to our sales force, we have Accredited Rural Appraisers (ARAs) and State Certified Appraisers on staff to make sure you have the most accurate land appraisal to get you the most out of your property.

We want to ensure that each real estate transaction is an enjoyable and professional experience. 


  • Expert Land Valuation by our staff
  • Professional Photography & Video of your property
  • Custom Promotional Materials
    • High Quality Print & Interactive Digital Brochures
    • Large Scale Printed & Interactive Digital Property Maps
    • Promotional Property Video
    • Property Brochures & Other Related Materials
  • Bi-Monthly eNewsletters
  • Advertising & Marketing
    • Print Ads Targeted to Buyers
    • Digital Ads Targeted to Buyers
    • Social Media Exposure to Engage Buyers | CSM & Affiliates
    • Direct Mail Campaigns to Cultivate Buying Interest
    • Email Campaigns to Cultivate Buying Interest
  • 100 Year Database of VIP Qualified Buying Clientele
  • Tradeshows, Convention & Sponsorships Locally & Nationally
  • Listing on & Real Estate Affiliate Websites

Real Estate Marketing Package