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Feral Hogs
Are Feral Hogs Really As Destructive As They're Made Out To Be? 31 Jan 2024

  If you are a landowner, hunter, outdoorsman, farmer, or rancher in Texas you’ve likely got an opinion on feral hogs. Known by many names, including wild boar, razorbacks, Russian or Eurasian boar, one thing is certain, they’re here and they’re probably here to stay.

Cowboys branding a cow
History of the Cattle Brand in Texas 17 Oct 2023 Although change is inevitable, branding will continue to be the mainstay in identifying livestock ownership by ranchers as it has been through centuries in our past.
To Fish or Not to Fish? 07 Jun 2023 Tips on assessing the current fish in a stock tank or pond and how to restock for long-term fishing enjoyment.
New Mexico Elk
Big Changes In 2023 New Mexico Big Game Hunting-Game Commission Bans Scopes On Muzzleloaders 05 Jan 2023

  Many big game hunters have a lot of money invested in modern muzzleloaders. Hours are spent at the range working out which powders and bullets or sabots work the best for a particular rifle.

The Art of Predator Calling: A Portrait in Tradition (by Wyman Meinzer) 04 Nov 2022 Whether your purpose is simple viewing, scientific documentation or an intent of sport hunting, the written word and imagery within these pages reveal the life way and visual aesthetics that have kept me enamored with predator behavior for almost a lifetime.
It might be time to consider PRF Insurance 19 Oct 2022 With the deadline to apply approaching, we thought it would be beneficial to revisit some of the information from an earlier blog post on PRF insurance.