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About Me

Charlie grew up in Lubbock and throughout high school, college and into his late 20’s enjoyed horseback riding, calf roping, and team roping. Growing up with both his father and grandfather selling ranches all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, Charlie always knew that he wanted to enter into the family business and work with his dad. The opportunity arose in March of 2000 when Sam and his wife Patricia had the idea that the maps and brochures they used to advertise properties could be put together digitally on a computer instead of by hand, the way it had always been done before.

Charlie was brought in to help with designing, printing and putting together property brochures and mapping properties for Sam and the other agents. This was a new era for CSM and Son, as traditionally maps were put together using USGS quad sheets that had to be ordered through the mail, cut out and taped together. A new computer system was installed along with new printers and large format map plotters. Charlie, who barely knew how to run a computer, was brought in to head this new venture. Over the course of several years and much training, he became proficient with his work and his skills started to evolve. Chas. S. Middleton and Son launched its first website, designed and updated by Charlie, showcasing properties listed for sale all over Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Maps and brochures were cranked out and it was determined many times that both computers and printers needed to be upgraded to obtain the quality that was desired. Over the years, the website has continuously been updated to improve the quality and user-friendly design to make it a great experience for all buyers. Digital cameras replaced 35mm film cameras, GPS technology helped to create more accurate maps, and as both computer and printing technology improved, so did the quality of brochures, maps, and ads.

In 2005 Charlie obtained his Texas Real Estate license, then a few years later, his Brokers license. He still handled much of the design, printing, and website along with selling ranches. A couple of years later Charlie also obtained his New Mexico Brokers license. Charlie enjoys working on all sorts of deals, large and small and has always had the attitude that he is fortunate to have the opportunity to set foot on a variety of historic ranches in the United States. Over the years, he has worked on deals covering a large area from all four corners of New Mexico to South and East Texas, as well as all over the Rolling Plains, Trans Pecos, Permian Basin, West Texas and the Panhandle.

In October of 2005, he married his wife Jennifer, whom he’d known for almost fifteen years. Charlie has two boys, Macoy and Miller and a daughter, Morgan. Charlie is active in sports with his kids and loves spending time hunting, camping and fishing with them at his family ranches in Dickens County and Nolan County, Texas.

My Testimonials

We are so so pleased with Chas. S. Middleton


It has been such a relief and joy to sell our family farm/ranch.  Sam and Charlie have been just wonderful to work with.  I am so impressed because if I left a message to call us, they called quickly.  All our questions were answered promptly.  We got a survey without a problem.  They found a buyer quickly.  We signed the papers and there were no worries that everything was done accurately.  I am so happy to get all of this done.  They are real professionals in selling ranches.  I highly recommend them.  You will not be disappointed!
Skeet and Don Workman in Lubbock, Tx

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