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B Bar Canyon Ranch | Texas
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$22,002,750 | 19,558.00 ACRES | UNDER CONTRACT


  • Price: $22,002,750
  • Acreage: 19,558.00
  • ID: 799
  • Location: Matador, Texas
  • County: Cottle
  • Second County: Motley
  • Status: Under Contract
  • Water Rights: Yes, 100% Owned
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes, Varied ownership %
  • Mineral Rights: Yes, Varied ownership %
Property Description

  We are very pleased to offer an exclusive listing on the B Bar Canyon Ranch. This exceptional ranch is very well located, has access by paved highway frontage, and is considered to be well watered. The property has been owned and under the care and supervision of the same family for around twenty years. Much emphasis has been placed on range management and the ranch has been conservatively stocked. The ranch has an exceptional turf and native grasses are abundant.

Property Description

  The property is located between Matador and Childress in an area with an abundance of large ranch ownerships. The terrain in this region is diverse and is considered to be ideal for both wildlife and livestock. Whitetail and mule deer roam freely across endless range along with quail, wild boar and predators such as coyotes and bobcats. The land is generally open, rolling and views in all directions are scenic.

  The property is generally sandy in nature with mesquite, juniper, and sage being prevalent. Although portions of the property have thickets of brush the ranch is generally fairly open in appearance. Brush management practices including prescribed burns, spraying, and mechanical removal have all been in place under the current ownership. Due to the management practices utilized, wildlife and livestock have benefitted immensely.

  Elevations range from around 2,000’ to approximately 2,200’. Overall, fences on the property appear to be in good condition. Fences are generally of older construction but have been well maintained.

  This is considered a desirable ranching area with precipitation averaging 22 – 24 inches per year and typically around 5-6 inches of snow through the winter months. Most of the precipitation occurs in May and June, with July and August being hot and dry. In the fall the ranch generally receives beneficial rains, growing strong grass lasting through the winter months. Most ranchers in this area run a cow/calf operation with supplemental protein feeding through the winter months.

Ranch Units

  The B Bar Canyon Ranch is operated in four divisions, with each unit being utilized independently. Unit 1 includes the eastern most portions of the ranch and contains approximately 5,600 acres. This unit is where the main shipping pens are located and has the only cultivated ground on the ranch. Unit 1 is fenced into four main pastures with several traps and pens for livestock centrally located. Richland Creek flows through this portion of the ranch. There is a cultivated field of approximately 95-100 acres, typically utilized for grazing or baling, located on this unit near the main pens. Topography is defined by several draws and access is by a deeded lane with paved highway frontage.

  Moving west, Unit 2 contains approximately 4,400 acres. This may well be the most scenic portion of the ranch with two named seasonal creeks, several draws, and arroyos. This unit is fenced into three main pastures with pens and traps centrally located.

  Units 3 and 4 are located south of Units 1 and 2, with a well-maintained, graded county road dividing the property. Unit 3 contains roughly 4,400 acres and is fenced into three main pastures. A set of livestock pens is located on the northern portion of this unit near the county road. This area is productive as well as scenic. The only oil production on the property is located in the far southern reaches of this unit.

  Unit 4 is the furthest west portion of the ranch, offering approximately 3.25 miles of highway frontage. This unit contains approximately 4,680 acres and is fenced into two main pastures. This portion of the ranch has the most open and rolling appearance with little invasive brush, being very scenic. A set of livestock pens and a trap are located centrally near the highway.

Water Features

  Overall, the ranch is considered to be well-watered. Approximately 10 solar water wells, four electric submersible water wells, and half a dozen working windmills provide water for livestock and wildlife. Over 10.5 miles of poly pipe has been utilized for additional water distribution to approximately 20 drinking troughs. Water is found in Richland Creek, which has proven to be very resilient in dry weather. Several other seasonal creeks and tributaries have holes of water at times, and there are several good dirt tanks and ponds on the ranch.

  Rural water is piped to Units 1 and 4, on the extreme eastern and western portions of the property. This water source has not been thoroughly developed, but there is an ability to utilize this extremely valuable water source should the need arise.


The B Bar Canyon Ranch was assembled in six purchases over the years starting approximately 20 years ago. Due to this, the seller owns minerals on scattered tracts and the mineral ownership varies from tract to tract. The seller is of the opinion that they own up to 50% of the minerals on several of the larger tracts and no minerals on other tracts. Wind energy rights were reserved by previous owners on a portion of the ranch, but overall, the seller owns most of the wind energy rights. There is a large powerline that runs through a portion of the ranch that could potentially serve as a transmission should a new owner wish to develop wind or solar energy.

There is little oil production in this general area and most of this ranch is unencumbered with oil production. That said, there is some oil production on the far southern portion of the property. This production is in an area in which the seller does not own any of the minerals, so currently, there is no income to the ranch other than through surface damage income.


The ranch is very realistically priced at $1,125 per acre. The listing price includes all owned minerals and wind/solar energy rights.


The current owner has an extensive inventory of rolling stock and ranch equipment. This equipment is not offered in the asking price, however, some or all of the equipment could be purchased with the property if wanted.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very well-maintained ranch that has not been overgrazed or abused, operated with a pride of ownership making this the kind of place a new buyer can be extremely proud to own.

Call Charlie Middleton today at (806) 786-0313 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Charlie Middleton

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Barn
    Mineral Rights
    Tack Room
    Water Well
  • Dove
    Mule Deer
    Whitetail Deer
  • Cattle
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 19,558.00
  • Zoning: Agricultural
  • Topography: Rolling
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes, Varied ownership %
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