Sam Middleton, Accredited Rural Appraiser - Owner of Chas. S. Middleton and Son

Appraisal Courses

Rural Appraisal Course American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Eminent Domain Course American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Ranch Appraisal Course American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Advanced Ranch Appraisal Course American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers

Grazing Lands and Cattle Ranches Appraisal Course American Institute of Appraisers

Real Estate Appraisal Course New Mexico Real Estate Institute

Real Estate Valuation – Oklahoma State University

Numerous short courses and seminars


Texas Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (Accredited Rural Appraiser)

Past Director – Texas Chapter American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Past Director – Texas Society of Professional Land Managers and Appraisers

Board of Overseers – Ranching Heritage Association, Texas Tech University

Past President – Ranching Heritage Association, Texas Tech University

Vice President Endowment – Ranching Heritage Association, Texas Tech University

Past Member – Presidential Advisory Committee, Texas Tech University

Member – Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Member – New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

Past Member – School Board, All Saints Episcopal School

Panel Member – Texas Real Estate Research Center

Panel Member – Rural Land Values Survey, University of Wisconsin

Past Director – National Windmill Project

Representative Clients


Amarillo National, Amarillo

American State Bank, Lubbock

American State Bank, Snyder

Bank of America, Houston

Crestar Bank, Roanoke

Crocker National Bank, Fresno

First National, Abilene

First National, Amarillo

First National, Chicago

First National, Hereford

First National, Lubbock

First National, Marshall

First National, Roswell

First National, Oklahoma City

First National, Sweetwater

First Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Hale Co. State Bank, Plainview

Idaho First National, Boise

Liberty State, Lubbock

M Bank, Dallas

M Bank, Wichita Falls

NCNB, Austin

Nations Bank, Dallas

NCNB, Fort Worth

NCNB, Midland

Plains National Bank, Lubbock

Southern Natl, Corpus Christi

Texas American Bank, Amarillo

Texas American Bank, Ft. Worth

Texas Commerce Bank, Beaumont

Texas Commerce Bank, Conroe

Texas Commerce Bank, Houston

Texas Commerce Bank, Lubbock

Waggoner National Bank, Vernon

Team Bank, Fort Worth

First Bank, Saint Joseph

Northern Trust Bank of Florida

Texas Commerce Bank of Odessa

First National, Ardmore

Bank One, Fort Worth

Bank One, Dallas

First Victoria National Bank, Victoria

First United Bank, Lubbock

Bank of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Norwest/Wells Fargo, San Antonio

Bank of America, Dallas

Sunflower Bank, Salinas KS

City Bank, Lubbock

Wells Fargo Bank, Lubbock

Northern Trust Bank, Tampa FL

Bank One, TX, NA, Ft. Worth

First State Bank, Shallowater

First Bank & Trust, Childress

Bank of America, Kansas City KS

New Mexico Bank & Trust, Clovis

Hibernia National Bank, Marshall

Plains Capital Bank, Lubbock

Law Firms

Bass & Hobbs

Bishop, Lamsens & Brown

Cantey, Hanger

Cowles & Thompson

Crenshaw, Dupree, & Milam

Fulbright & Jaworski

Gibson, Ochsner & Adkins

Hinkle Law Firm

Jones, Flygare, & Brown

Jung & Brian

Kastler & Kamm

Key & Key

McCleskey Law Firm

McMahon Law Firm

McWhorter, Cobb, & Johnson

Prappas, Caldwell, & Moncure

Baker Law Firm

Whittenburg Law Firm

Williams, Porter, & Day

Barnett, Ward & Cook

Moody & Hays Law Firm

McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore

Meadows, Owens Law Firm

Tom Brian

Gallagher, Lewis, Downey & Kim

Smith-Moore & Associates

Fulbright & Castleberry

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Lynch, Chappel & Alsup

Hazen & Terrill Law Firm

Certified Public Accountants

Coopers & Lybrand

Freemon, Shepard, & Story

Harris, Williams & May

Main Hurdman

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell

Pratas, Smith & Moore

King, Moore, Truelove & Pharis

Sharon Haynes

Ikard & Golden

Lovelady, Christy & Associates

Strasburger & Price

May & Hrbacek

Kelly, Hart & Hallman

McCaslin and Company

feedlot and grain elevators

Bar‑G Feedyard

Birdwell Feedlot

Cluck Feedlot

Dimmitt Feed Yard

Donley County Feedyard

Frio Feeders

H and H Feedlot

Hill Feedlots

King Grain

King Feedlot

Northrup King Company

Parks Feedlot

Riata Feeders

Sunnyside Feed Yard

Tulia Feed Lots

Sugarland Feed Yards, Inc.

L.S. Feedyard, Inc.

Coyote Lake Feedyard

Pride Feeders, Inc.

Smith Cattle Feeders, Inc.

Whiteface Feedyard

Beef City, Inc. Feedyard

First Choice Feeders, LP

Farr Feeders

Old Santa Fe Feeders

S-Bar Ranch Feedlot

Kan-Tex Feeders, Inc.

Cattlemen’s, Inc.

Pawnee Beefbuilders, Inc.

National Farm Feedlots

Olton Feedyard Cattlemen’s Feedlot, LTD.

Classic Cattle Company, L.P.

Dumas Cattle Feeders, Inc.

Poky Feeders, Inc.

R and R Feedyard

Drag T Feeders

Cowtown Feeders, Inc.

Bear Creek Feeders

Sunbelt Feeders, Inc.

Pecos Beef, Inc.

Oshkosh Feedyard

Premier Cattle Co., LLC.

Quality Beef Producers, LLP

Sheppard Feedyard

Texzona Cattle Feeders

Crow Hollow Feedyard

Con Agra Beef Company Feedyard

feedlot and grain elevators

Bill Arrington Ranches

B and D Cattle Company

Beaver Estate Ranches

Birdwell Ranch

Clark Estate Ranch

J.S. Bridwell Ranches

Paul Braddock Estate Ranches

Britt Ranch

Brittingham Ranch

C.C. Burgess Ranches

Anne Burnett Windfohr Ranches

Cage Ranch

Cave Estate Ranches

Circle Land and Cattle Corp.

J. M. Davenport Ranch

Daisy Clayton Estate Ranch

Clements Corporation Farms

Cowan Estate Ranches

Crews Ranch

Deck Estate Ranches

DeVitt Estate Ranches

Otis and Dan English Ranch

Furr Ranch

Gray Estate Ranch

Grisham Estate Ranches

Guest Estate Ranches

Johnson Estate Ranch

Little Estate Ranch

M & M Cattle Company

Matador Cattle Company

F. O. Masten Estate

Matthews Trust

McNeill Ranch

Sam Noble Trust

O Bar O Ranch

Payne Ranch

Price Brothers Ranch

Rafter Cross Ranch

T.L. Roach Estate Ranch

S Lazy S Ranch

Scharbauer Cattle Company

S.E.A. Ranches

Marvin Shurbet Estate Ranch

Slaughter Farms

Spring Creek Ranch

T Bar Ranch

Tecumseh Ranch

Vernon Cox Estate Ranches

Grace Trust Farms

Piehl Properties

D.K. Boyd Ranches

U U Bar Ranch

Dixon Creek Ranch

6666 Ranches

Glass Estate Ranches

Bill Eiland Ranch

Bogle Ranches

J.W. Campbell Ranches

Sam Daube Ranch

Hagy-Bitter Creek Ranch

Bill Gruenerwald Ranches

Parks-Kimberlin Properties

Joe Kirk Fulton Properties

Ponil Ranch

Black Lake Ranch

Farias Ranch

Spike Box Ranches

Poole Properties

Mike Smith Ranches

H.E. Davis Estate

French Ranches

Whittenburg Ranches

Roy Ryan Farms

B&J Land & Cattle Ranches

Muleshoe Ranch

Tobosa Ranch

Mekeel Properties

Rensulli-Maslin Trust Properties

Singleton Trust Farms

H.V. Newman Farms

Charles Bird Ranch

Guseman Ranch

Bob Davenport Ranch

J7 Ranch

Trigg Family Ranches

W.C. Hubbard Oxbow Ranch

J.J. Gibson Estate Ranch

John Mullins Farms

Guitar Ranch

Century Feeders, Inc. Farms

Flache Trust Properties

Cogdell Properties

Franklin Ranch

Boone Pickens-Mesa Vista Ranch

Val Kilmer Ranch


Abilene Christian University

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.

Farm Credit Bank of Texas

Farmers Home Administration

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Federal Land Bank of Texas

Girlstown, U. S. A.

Governor’s Office of Education Resources

Methodist Home

Phillips Petroleum Company

Samedan Oil Corporation

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Texas Tech University

Western National Life Insurance Company

Traveler’s Insurance Company

Mitchell County Economic Development Board

Children’s Home of Lubbock

Masonic Home of Texas

Ewing Halsell Foundation

Met Life Ag Investments

Diversified Lenders

City of Lubbock

First Ag Credit of Lubbock

First Ag Credit of South Texas

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