Grant County, NM Gila National Forest Inholding Tracts

Acreage: 539.31 Acres in 5 Tracts
Location: Mimbres, New Mexico
Status: Available
Price: See Details – Multiple Tracts Offered

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The Nunn Ranch

Acreage  |  800±

Location  |  Fisher County, Texas

Status  | Sold

Price  |  $780,000

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Whitefish & Rock Creek Ranch

Acreage: 3,553.59 +/- Acres
Location: Texas Panhandle
Alanreed, Texas/Donley County
Status: Sold
Price: $3,837,877

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Cerf Pasture of the Longfellow Ranch

Acreage: 7,705 +/- Acres
Location: West Texas
Fort Stockton, Texas/Pecos County
Status: Sold
Price: $4,237,750

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Dumont Ranch

Acreage  |  160±

Location  |  Dickens & King Counties, Texas

Status  |  Under Contract

Price  |  $255,200

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