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Floydada, Texas | $5023277

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Acreage: 5,048.52 +/- Acres
Location: Texas Panhandle
Floydada, Texas/Floyd County
Status: Available
Price: $5,023,277


Offered by: Rusty Lawson
Email: [email protected]
Office: 806-763-5331
Direct: 806-778-2826


LOCATION: The Smith Farm and Ranch is located in Floyd County north of Ralls in the Texas Panhandle.

HISTORY: This property has been operated by the same family for over 40 years and has been extremely well managed throughout the years. From the level Plains native pasture to partially irrigated and dry cropland, the Smith Farm & Ranch offers a unique opportunity to own a quality farming/livestock operation in this area.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: This property has 3,198.52 acres of native pasture, 1,135 acres of irrigated cropland and 715 acres of dry cropland. The native pasture is level Plains shortgrass country with carefully managed grass turf throughout. The majority of the property has deep fertile soils suitable to be placed in cultivation, if there is interest in expanding the current farming operation.

A total of approximately 1,850 acres of the Smith Farm & Ranch are in cultivation, with approximately 1,135 acres being irrigated by six (6) center pivots and twenty-one (21) irrigation wells. The remaining cultivated land is operated on a dryland basis. The terrain throughout this area of the ranch varies from nearly level to very gently sloping, with the primary soil being Pullman clay loam, 0-1% slopes. (All acreage figures are +/-)

The grass turf throughout the native pasture is in excellent condition, with very little to no mesquite. The entire ranch has been under a mesquite control program for many years.

The ranch is fenced and cross‐fenced with the majority of the fencing being in good condition.

IMPROVEMENTS: Improvements consist of 6 center pivot irrigation systems, 21 irrigation wells, 4 livestock wells, a small 40’x30’ house, 40’x80’ steel barn with 40’ lean‐to on the north and 20’ lean‐to on the south, 8,000 gallon bulk fuel tank, 30 ton bulk feed storage, and 2 sets of portable panel livestock pens.

The following is a list of the center pivots:

  • Denning Pivot: 2007 Reinke, 9‐ tower 80 wet acres (windshield wipe rotation), nozzled at 175 gpm
  • Barn Pivot: 2006 Reinke, 14‐tower 400 wet acres, nozzled at 700 gpm
  • Swimming Tank Pivot: 2005 Reinke 8‐tower, 135 wet acres, nozzled at 400 gpm
  • Ranch Pivot: 2005 Reinke, 16‐tower 240 wet acres, (windshield wipe rotation), nozzled at 475 gpm
  • Sterile Pivot: 2006 Reinke 9‐tower 160 wet acres, nozzled at 307 gpm
  • 320 Pivot: 1994 Reinke 8‐tower 120 wet acres, nozzled at 185 gpm
  • (All acreage figures are +/-)

The center pivots and six of the irrigation wells are connected to a Pivot Trac system. This Pivot Tract system allows the owner to remotely monitor the status of the pivots and wells at all times.

WATER FEATURES: The irrigation wells are equipped with 5 15hp electric submersible pumps, 8 20hp electric submersible pumps, 7 30hp electric submersible pumps and one turbine pump powered by natural gas. These wells range in depth from 340 to 380 feet deep.

According to the HPUWD, Well #2 is one of their annual observation wells. Based on their 2018 information, this well is 368 feet deep, 282.61 feet to water, leaving a saturated thickness of 85.39 feet. Several of the irrigation wells are tied to a network of underground line that transports water to numerous dirt tanks scattered throughout the native pasture used for watering livestock.

HUNTING AND RECREATION: The scenic Blanco Canyon (White River) is the east boundary of the property. Wildlife, such as whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey and hogs will come up out of the canyon and graze on the cropland, offering excellent hunting opportunities.

RESOURCES: Seller will retain one-half (1/2) of the minerals owned and one-half (1/2) of any royalties produced from the wind.

BROKER COMMENTS: If you are looking for a well managed operation with the combination of productive native pasture and irrigated farmland, this offering deserves your attention. The current owners live nearby and farm other property in the immediate area. They have expressed interest in working with the new owner on a custom/lease or management basis.

PRICE: $995 per acre or a total of $5,023,277

If you would like to schedule a visit to this remarkable, one of a kind ranch property, please give me a call. If you are looking for a ranch of this magnitude, but the Smith Farm and Ranch doesn’t fit your needs, please call me and let me assist you in finding a farm or ranch that does.

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