Ranch Brokerage and Appraisals since 1920

Preserving a legacy

We are a fourth-generation, family-owned, farm and ranch real estate specialty firm, in business since 1920. While many things have changed in the world since we opened our doors, two things have remained constant: the beauty of nature and the value of hard-won land. Trust is hard to come by in today’s fiercely competitive farm and ranch real estate market, but we’re here to provide experience and integrity.

In today’s farm and ranch real estate market, there’s no substitute for a good ranch broker with an expert appraisal team to back him up. Whether you’re aiming to buy or sell property, working with a qualified, knowledgeable broker helps ensure the process goes smoothly and successfully.

When Charles Middleton rode into Lubbock on horseback in 1898, he couldn’t have known what the next century would bring for his business and his family. We’re here to safeguard his legacy of hard work, fair deals, and a firm handshake. If you’re looking for a firm that knows farms and ranches, we’d love to hear from you.



Covering All Your Real Estate Needs


If you’re looking to invest in a ranch or farm property, we know what’s available before it’s even on the market. We’ll help you find the land you’re looking for.


Our firm will connect you with the special class of buyers who know the value of good land. We’ll work hard to help make a return on your investment.


Our expert appraisers specialize in farm and ranch properties, and they truly know the market. They’ll do the legwork necessary to deliver an accurate, honest value for your property.

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