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Acreage  |  425±

Location | Hale County, TX

Status  |  Sold

Price  |  $998,750


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The Russ Farm is a well maintained, productive farm in the central portion of Hale County.

We are proud to announce the exclusive listing of approximately 425 acres of partially irrigated farmland improved by two center pivot irrigation systems and 167 acres of drip irrigation on 40-inch centers.

The terrain of the Russ Farm varies from nearly level to gently sloping.  The majority of the property has a mostly level terrain; however, there are two playa lake areas on the property that cover approximately 18 acres, more or less.

Slopes across this farm range from 0-3%, with approximately 97% of the farm having 0-1% slopes and approximately 3% of the farm having 1-3% slopes.

The soil quality found on this farm is good, being primarily (77%) Pullman clay loam, 0-1% slopes, which is a Class II irrigated soil and a Class III dryland soil.

Overall, the Russ Farm is a productive partially irrigated farm located in a productive cotton farming area.


Location & Access

This property is located approximately 4.5 miles northeast of Hale Center, Texas.  The land is divided by Interstate I-27, with approximately 90 acres lying on the south side of the interstate and approximately 335 acres lying on the north side of I-27.  Access to the property is excellent, being by I-27 and various other graded and paved county roads.


Method of Operation

The Russ Farm is currently being operated as a partially irrigated farm, with approximately 353 acres (83%) being irrigated by two center pivots and approximately 167 acres of drip irrigation, approximately 54 acres (13%) being operated as dryland farmland and approximately 18 acres (4%) are affected by a playa lake.


Irrigation Wells

Six (6) irrigation wells and a network of underground line are located throughout the property.  The irrigation wells are equipped with three 8-inch turbine pumps powered by natural gas and three 3-inch electric submersible pumps. The irrigation wells have not been flow metered, however, according to the tenant farmer, these wells will pump a combined total of approximately 1,000 gallons per minute.

The High Plains Underground Water District has monitor wells scattered throughout their district.  These wells are used to monitor the depth-to-water measurements. The monitor well located closest to the appraised farm is located approximately .5 mile west of the appraised property.  This well is number 11-58-205.  In 2017, the depth to water in this well was 263.80 feet and the total depth of the well is approximately 326 feet.  This indicates a saturated thickness in this area of 62.20 feet.


Irrigation Improvements

As mentioned, two center pivot irrigation systems and 167 acres of drip irrigation are located on the Russ Farm.  The following is a brief description of these center pivots and drip irrigation:

Center Pivot:  This center pivot irrigation system is located on the southwest side of the property.  This is a 2007 model Valley 8000 brand system. It is approximately 1,211 feet long (6-towers) and covers approximately 106 wet acres.  According to the tenant, this pivot is nozzled at 300 gallons per minute.

Center Pivot:  This center pivot irrigation system is located in the northeast portion of the farm.  This is a 2012 model Valley 8000 brand system. It is approximately 1,372 feet long (7-towers) and covers approximately 80 wet acres (this pivot makes a windshield wipe rotation).  According to the tenant, this pivot is nozzled at 300 gallons per minute.

Drip Irrigation:  The drip system is located in two areas of the farm, with approximately 87 acres being on the north side and approximately 80 acres being on the south side.  The 87 acre field is approximately 6 years old and the 80 acre field is approximately 5 years old.  Both are on 40-inch centers.  The tenant farmer owns the shed used to house the drip irrigation filter system.



Structural Improvements

There are no structural improvements of value located on the property.


Legal Description

The South-half (S/2) and the Northeast-quarter (NE/4) of Section 38 and approximately 2.855 acres out of the Northwest side of Section 39, Block A-1, Abstracts 1864, 2313 and 15, Hale County, Texas, containing 425 acres, more or less.  Save and Except from this tract approximately 2.75 acres and all structural improvements located in the northeast portion of the property.



If you are looking for a productive partially irrigated farm with good water located in the central portion of Hale County, the Russ Farm should fit your needs.  This property has been well maintained over the years and is in a good state of cultivation. The asking price is $2,350 per acre and the ad valorem taxes are $1,963±. Seller will reserve all minerals owned. An established tenant farmer is currently in place for the 2019 crop year.  If you would like additional information, please call Rusty Lawson, 806-778-2826.

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