Texas Landowners and Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain

In Texas, eminent domain has been a heated subject recently including everything from pipelines and roads to building a bullet train through the state. Landowners are often finding themselves caught in the crossroads.

Ag Law reporter Tiffany Dowell recently interviewed Lubbock-based law attorney, Zach Brady, over the subject. Zach is an extremely experienced attorney of eminent domain matters and represents clients all over the state. The interview covers everything from eminent domain FAQ, to who has eminent domain power, to the right to survey, to tips for landowners. Zach left listeners with a powerful message that we feel is important for every landowner to consider.

Click here to listen to Tiffany’s interview with Zach Brady.

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When dealing with an eminent domain issue, there is one document we recommend that you reference, the Texas Landowner Bill of Rights. The bill was put together by the Texas Attorney General’s Office. It covers all the rules, landowners’ rights, obligations and much, much more.

Click here to download a copy of the Texas landowner Bill of Rights.

Another document you might find useful is an easement negotiation checklist. This list was put together by Tiffany to assist in reviewing some of the many terms as Zach discussed in his interview.  

Click here to download of copy of her checklist.



There are two other interviews over eminent domain you might like to check out.

The first show is called The Eminent Domain Podcast hosted by Clint Schumacher, an eminent domain attorney in Dallas. This show covers legal issues that Texas ranch owners and tenants face related to eminent domain and Clint had an entertaining lightning Q&A round.

To listen to Clint’s show over eminent domain, click here.  

The second is from a new AgriLife show, The Blackland Famer with Ryan Collett. While still being a fairly new show, Ryan manages the Stiles Farm and has a great understanding of real-world eminent domain issues facing ag producers in Texas.

To listen to Ryan’s episode over the topic, click here.