So just how big is the Waggoner Ranch? How about a size comparison!

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So just how big is the Waggoner Ranch? How about a size comparison!

6th Jul, 2015

So just how big is the Waggoner Ranch? How about a size comparison!

There’s been so much press about the Waggoner Ranch lately that it seems the whole country, even possibly the whole world, may know that one of the nations largest ranches is currently for sale. At an asking price of $725 Million Dollars and containing over half of a million acres this is truly a giant among giants, even in my beloved Lone Star State. It seems that every major newspaper in the country has featured an article about the sale of this Texas Legend. There have been multiple reports in print and online from New York City to Los Angeles and Houston to Seattle. Sam Middleton and his partner Bernard Uechtritz have been featured in several televised interviews, news articles in small town newspapers, large metro newspapers and had exposure on the likes of Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg and many, many others. The storied history of the ranch, along with the sheer size and vastness of the property, coupled with the fact that a ranch of this immense magnitude may never be offered for sale again in many years has created quite the buzz online. Land, Rivers, Lakes, Cattle, Horses and Oil. The Waggoner seems to offer everything that a discriminating buyer could ever want. The price? Lets just say that compared to buying a major professional sports team, or a huge skyscraper in Chicago or Lower Manhattan, or a small private island, the purchase of the W.T. Waggoner Estate may seem relatively inexpensive.

So just how big is the Waggoner Ranch? How about a size comparison!

There are a lot of ways to describe the Waggoner Ranch. Some that come to mind are immense, immeasurable, vast, massive, enormous, gigantic, colossal, great, monumental, towering, tremendous or huge! The ranch is larger than the city of London and over twice the size of New York, NY. The entire island of Maui will almost fit inside the ranch’s borders!

500 Thousand + acres is a lot of land in anybody’s book, but the best way to see the true scale of just how big the ranch is may be in aerial views.

This image shows the approximate boundaries of the Waggoner Ranch. This image, taken from Google Earth, shows the location of Vernon, Crowell and Seymour, TX. Compare this image to the images below that show the same outline at very near the exact altitude.

Waggoner Ranch compared to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Waggoner Ranch compared to Houston, TX

Waggoner Ranch compared to New York, NY

Waggoner Ranch compared to Washington, D.C.

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