King County Wolf Creek Ranch

King County Wolf Creek Ranch | Texas
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$20,514,512 | 20,617.60 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $20,514,512
  • Acreage: 20,617.60
  • ID: 541
  • Location: Guthrie, Texas
  • County: King
  • Status: Sold
  • Water Rights: Available
  • Wind Energy Rights: 100% conveyed
Property Description

Historical recollections and facts regarding the ranching industry throughout Texas are of great intrigue, not the least being those outfits carved out of the old Comanche and buffalo haunts of the Texas Rolling Plains.  They represent a legacy long past, of a wilder land and wilder people, and one where the voices of yesteryear emanate from the canyons and prairie land, as the restless stirrings of coyotes and whitetail deer resurrect visions from our past in this region often referred to as, “The Big Empty.”

We are proud to offer for sale a sizable piece of this legacy in King County, a property whose original ownership dates back to 1898, and is still maintained as a well-managed cattle ranch in the mold of older times.

The King County Wolf Creek Ranch originates from the historical JY outfit, ranch property owned by cattleman, R.B. Masterson, and subsequently the legendary 6666 ranch. In the early 20th century, this 20,617-acre spread was part of the 155,000 acre JY Masterson Ranch.

The property is located in north-northeast King County some 20 miles north of Guthrie and 20 miles east-southeast of Paducah.  Lubbock, Texas is 100 miles to the west and Amarillo lies 146 miles to the north-northwest.  The ranch is accessed by paved Farm to Market frontage.

The Wolf Creek Division is a well-managed and productive property that has been under the same current ownership since 2005.  The owner’s vast knowledge of range management practices garnered him the 2012 Lone Star Land Steward Award from the Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife for his contribution to optimal range and wildlife management endeavors. Brush control and reduction in the infestation of prickly pear has increased the carrying capacity of the property for cattle as well as the quality and density of varied wildlife species inhabiting the ranch.

The entire ranch is in native rangeland with no cultivation included.  The ranch is defined by a varied landscape ranging from canyon rims to rolling prairie with elevation extremes of approximately 1,844’ MSL descending to the meandering meadows along creek and river bottoms some 200 feet below.

The practice of careful brush sculpting has opened some 10,000 acres of rangeland critical to optimal native grass cover, and offers extensive edge effect browse and effective escape avenues for a healthy and high-quality whitetail population.  This extensive brush sculpting also opens portions of the ranch enhancing livestock grazing practices, offering the best of both worlds.

Perimeter and interior gates/fences are in excellent condition and an extensive road system offers easy access throughout most of the property in good weather conditions, even into rougher terrain.  Almost all interior gates are cattle guards, offering easy transition from one pasture to another.

The property has three sets of cattle pens, one 6,000 square foot barn constructed in 2006 featuring 6 electric doors, a hydraulic vehicle lift and work area, an 800 square foot living area with restroom, and an 800 square foot second floor for storage or bedroom use.  A second nearby livestock barn features a tack room, feed room and horse pens.  Five overhead cake bins are available for dispensing supplemental feed for cattle or wildlife consumption.  A 2,200 square foot native stone home was constructed in 2005 featuring 3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. Also, a one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen bunkhouse is located north of the barn area.  Electric service to the headquarter structures is supplied by South Plains Electric.

Approximately 5.3 nautical miles due east of the ranch headquarters is an elegant but simple native stone half-dugout.  Replete with porch, stone columns and fireplace, this remote structure offers the flavor from another time as a panoramic view lends itself to uninhabited miles of hills and river meadow, much of which has been sculpted for optimum wildlife habitat, much like the plains of a century before.

The Middle Prong of the Wichita River cuts a meandering path through approximately 6 miles of the property and is fed by two wet weather arroyos, Wolf Creek and Dry Creek.

Water supply for the entire 20,617 acres sources from the Cottle/King Water Co-op and supports 28 livestock drinking troughs throughout the property.  Three lined earthen stock ponds also offer a natural water source.  Two windmills in the eastern sector of the ranch, each from 80-150 feet deep, offer marginal water quality and quantity.

Constructed east of the headquarters is a firing range offering sight-in for rifles out to 500 yards.  A metal shed has been constructed to store materials and furnish shade over a two-man concrete shooting bench.

The Wolf Creek Ranch is perhaps one of the last true hunting frontiers in the Rolling Plains.  As in decades past when hunting was not a feature on large property holdings, the current owner has never allowed any commercial hunting on his ranch, and has supported his philosophy with security details.  With his ranch bordering other outfits such as the historical 6666’s, Masterson JY, Lowrance, and Y’s on three sides, the Wolf Creek property has been insulated from outside hunting pressure for generations.

Unique in current times, no supplemental feeding endeavors are in place to enhance the quality or quantity of whitetail, turkey and quail on the ranch, yet antler growth of whitetails on this property suggests a genetic pool unique to the region.  Only four whitetail bucks have been allowed to be harvested by friends or the owner in the past few years and these bucks scored from the mid 180’s to 212.  Herds of wild hogs also roam the property, affording a reliable food source for the coyotes and bobcats that inhabit the canyons and prairie land.

No minerals are owned and there is no oil production on the property.  The owner will convey all solar and wind generation rights with the property.

The owner is open to selling the property in three sections, which include the Headquarters Division(6067± acres), the Dugout Division (5994± acres), and the River Division (7768± acres).

The Wolf Creek Ranch represents an opportunity to own and enjoy a property that has been very well maintained, improved and managed over the years.  We believe this ranch meets all requirements for the rancher, investor or recreation buyer. 

Please contact Wyman or Sylinda Meinzer for questions or showings at 940-256-8932 or 806-392-5392.

Wyman Meinzer

Sylinda Meinzer

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Arena
    ATV/Off Road
    Gated Entrance
    Rural Water
    Stock Tank
    Water Rights
    Work Shop
  • Dove
    Whitetail Deer
  • Cattle
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 20,617.60
  • Wind Energy Rights: 100% conveyed
Building Details
  • Homes: 1
  • Finished Sqft: 2200
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Year Built: Just remodeled