Prospect Ranch

Christoval, Texas | $18,787,185

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Acreage: 12,524.79 +/- Acres
Location: Edwards Plateau
Christoval, Texas/Schleicher County
Status: Available
PRICE REDUCED: $18,787,185


Offered by: Charlie Middleton
Office: 806-763-5331
Direct: 806-786-0313


LOCATION: The Prospect Ranch is positioned near the center of the Menard/Christoval/Eldorado triangle in the Edwards Plateau Region of Texas.

HISTORY: The Prospect Ranch is comprised of three adjoining ranch purchases which are now combined to make one of the larger ranch ownerships in the area. The owner of the Prospect Ranch first purchased approximately 9,600 acres. Later, two adjoining ranches containing a total of nearly 2,900 acres were added to the original ranch, for a current total of 12,524.79 +/- acres.

The ranch is very conservatively stocked with approximately 104 grown cows, 46 heifers, 10 bulls and over 1,000 Spanish nannie goats plus 49 billy goats. By running this type of operation, the cows have an abundance of palatable grasses and the goats have a nearly perfect balance of live oak, agarito and other vegetation for browse.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Elevations on the property range from approximately 2,300′ to 2,400′ and the terrain is described as gently rolling and sloping, draining to several wide valley draws. Limestone rock outcrops are prevalent through the ranch.

The original 9,600 acres has an unbelievable manicured canopy of large, healthy live oak overshadowing a solid carpet of palatable native grasses. Reportedly, many years ago, a previous owner used hand labor to virtually eradicate 100% of the invading mesquite from the ranch. Today, this portion of the property is accurately described as having a pure grass prairie with a moderate to sometimes fairly dense canopy of gorgeous standing live oak motts. The grass turf is truly unbelievable and principle grasses include Texas Winter Grass, Sideoats Grama, several varieties of Bluestem, Buffalo Grass and Mesquite Grass. In the many years we have had the pleasure of selling fine ranches, the mesquite eradication on this property rates among the best ever, and portions of the ranch have a scenic “park like” appearance.

The 2,900 acres that was acquired later have a mixed canopy of live oak, mesquite, pear and agarito, but also support a solid turf of native grasses. This added portion of the ranch offers more protection for wildlife, because of the live oak/mesquite blend.

IMPROVEMENTS: The ranch is adequately improved by an older rock construction home, frame barns and outbuildings and a nearly new owner’s cabin. The main pipe shipping pens are located at the headquarters, and there are three sets of branding/working pens scattered through the ranch, as well as a brand-new set of pipe pens on the south end of the ranch.

WATER FEATURES: The Prospect Ranch is extremely well watered by 10 windmills, 4 solar wells and 4 electric submersible wells. Most of the wells have large concrete or rock and concrete water storage reservoirs. All water troughs are in good condition and are low sheep/goat style drinkers. Depth of water varies from 200-250 feet and the quality of the well water is reported to be excellent.

HUNTING AND RECREATION: No commercial hunting is allowed on the Prospect Ranch. This is outstanding whitetail deer country, and on occasion, black buck antelope are viewed on the ranch. Other game species include turkey and dove. To date, no feral hogs have been located in this country and because most all of the ranchers in the area run goats and/or sheep in combination with cattle, there are very few coyotes. In 2015, a Wildlife Management Plan was conducted by a Certified Wildlife Biologist on the 9,600 acre portion of the property. The aerial survey estimated a population of 364 adult deer or 1 adult deer per 26.5 acres. Approximately 42% were adult bucks and 58% were doe.

RESOURCES: The owner of the Prospect Ranch believes he owns approximately one-quarter 1/4 of the minerals under the 9,600 acre portion of the property and approximately one-half 1/2 of the minerals under the remaining 2,900 acres.

The seller will convey one-half 1/2 of the seller’s owned minerals. In addition to this attractive mineral conveyance, the seller owns a full one-half 1/2 of the executive leasing rights for the entire Prospect Ranch, and all of these valuable rights will convey with the sale.

Currently, there are several producing oil/gas wells located on the ranch. The royalty income on one-half 1/2 of the owned minerals is currently running approximately $400-$500 per month. In addition to the royalty income, the Seller’s oil company drilled one of the producing wells and will convey the entire working interest in this well. This working interest is generating approximately $15,000 per month net income after expenses.

There is some windfarm development in the area and all wind generation rights will convey with the sale.

BROKER COMMENTS: Quality ranches such as the Prospect Ranch are seldom offered for sale in this area of strong long-term ownerships. The Prospect Ranch is truly representative of the most productive ranch country to be found in the Edwards Plateau area of Texas. If you have interest in owning a quality, extremely well-maintained ranch, please schedule a showing of the Prospect Ranch, as you will not be disappointed. This is the type property that a ranch real estate broker is very proud to show and a buyer will be very proud to own.

PRICE REDUCED: $1,500 per acre or a total of $18,787,185

This price includes all of the cattle, goats, and ranch equipment. With the livestock and equipment included, this is essentially a turn-key offering.

If you would like to schedule a visit to this remarkable, one of a kind ranch property, please give me a call. If you are looking for a ranch of this magnitude, but the Prospect Ranch doesn’t fit your needs, please call me and let me assist you in finding a ranch that does.

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