Conrad Ranch

Oldham County, Texas | $8235

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Acreage  |  15,997.11±

Location  |  Vega, Texas

Location  |  Oldham

Status  |  Sold

Price  |  $8,238,511


Brendan Garrison

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Sixty-five miles west-northwest of Amarillo, Texas you’ll find the Conrad Ranch, an outstanding cattle and hunting ranch.

We are proud to have obtained the exclusive listing on the 15,997.11 acre Conrad Ranch.  This outstanding cattle and hunting ranch is located 65 miles west-northwest of Amarillo, near the small community of Adrian, in the Western Texas Panhandle.  Access to the ranch is provided by a graded road.

Steeped in History, the Conrad Ranch was once a part of the historic 3,000,000 acre, XIT Ranch.  Later, the property was a portion of the legendary Matador Ranch, until the Matador’s sold out in the 1950’s.

The topography varies from almost level to gently rolling on the west side of the ranch, to deeper rolling grass covered draws and some broken country along Las Arches Creek, being on the east side of the ranch.  Elevations on the property range from 3,840 feet on the west side of the ranch to 3,660 feet on the east side.

The Conrad Ranch supports a desirable mix of native grasses, such as Buffalo, Blue Grama, Hairy Grama, Black Grama, Sand Dropseed, Little Bluestem, Sand Bluestem, Sideoats Grama, Indian Grass, Switchgrass, Vine-Mesquite and Plains Bristlegrass, to name a few.  There is a very sparse to sometimes moderate canopy of Mesquite and Cholla Cactus, along with scattered Sand Sagebrush in portions of the creek bottom.  The current owners are on a continual brush control program, and grub Mesquite and Cholla Cactus on portions of the ranch yearly.


This area of Texas receives approximately 17-19 inches of precipitation annually with approximately 70% occurring during the 186-day growing season.

The ranch is considered to be very well watered with 12 windmills or solar wells, and two electric submersible wells that have water piped to multiple water troughs.  In addition to the water wells and drinking troughs, there are seasonal holes of water in Las Arches Creek.

The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into 12 pastures and traps.  The fences are considered to be in good condition, with some being brand-new.  There are also two sets of cattle pens on the ranch.  The main shipping pens are large, well arranged, and equipped with scales.

Hunting on the Conrad Ranch is considered to be good.  Large mule deer, whitetail, antelope, quail (both bobwhite and blues), along with dove flourish on the property.  The ranch has never been commercially hunted.

There is no oil or gas production on the ranch, and one-half (1/2) of the seller’s mineral interest will be conveyed.  In addition, all wind generation rights and water rights will convey with the sale.

If you are in search for a quality Texas Panhandle Ranch, the Conrad Ranch should be strongly considered.  The Conrad Ranch is a unique opportunity to own, enjoy and preserve one of the best ranches in the Texas Panhandle. The ranch is realistically priced at $515.00 per acre.

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