Wiggins/Carpenter Farm

Wiggins/Carpenter Farm | Texas
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$536,455 | 346.10 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $536,455
  • Acreage: 346.10
  • ID: 134
  • Location: Fieldton, Texas
  • County: Lamb
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

The Wiggins/Carpenter Farm is located in the north-central portion of Lamb County, being approximately 9 miles north of Littlefield, Texas. Access is excellent, being by US Hwy 385 on the west, graded CR 192 on the north and graded CR 202 on the south.

General Description:
Approximately 177 acres are in cultivation, with 88 acres being in drip irrigation, +/-50 acres being irrigated under a center pivot and +/-39 acres being dry cropland. The remainder of the property is in grass, with 52.88 acres being in CRP and +/-116.22 acres being in improved and native grasses. The CRP is receiving an annual payment of $2,243, with the last payment being in 2030.

The terrain varies from nearly level to sloping. This farm is located on Blackwater Draw which runs along the east and south sides of the property. +/-80 acres in the northwest portion of the property have a mostly level terrain and it is this portion of the farm in drip irrigation.

Improvements include 88 acres of drip irrigation, one (1) center pivot irrigation system, five (5) irrigation wells and a network of underground line. The drip irrigation is located on the northwest side of the farm. This system is on 40-inch centers and is approximately 5 years old. The center pivot is located on the south-half of the property. It is a 2011 model T&L brand system nozzled at 200 gallons per minute. The irrigation wells are equipped with three 3-inch electric submersible pumps and two 4-inch electric submersible pumps. The wells have not been test pumped; however, based on the information provided to the broker, the irrigation wells pump a combined total of approximately 300 gallons per minute.

Legal Description:
Labor 21, League 635 and Labor 1, League 644, SCL, Abstract 1900, Lamb County, Texas.

The Wiggins/Carpenter Farm is a productive partially irrigated farm located on Blackwater Draw. The asking price is $1,550/ac., surface only (no minerals). The 2017 property taxes were approximately $500, or $1.44/ac. The property is leased for the 2018 crop year on a 75/25 crop share lease. If you are looking for a productive partially irrigated farm in Lamb County, this offering should fit your needs. For additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson.

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  • Total Acres: 346.10
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