Southeast Texas Panhandle/Northern Rolling Plains Ranch

Southeast Texas Panhandle/Northern Rolling Plains Ranch | Texas
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$22,400,000 | 14,000.00 ACRES | AVAILABLE


  • Price: $22,400,000
  • Acreage: 14,000.00
  • ID: 782
  • Location: Amarillo, Texas
  • County: Texas Panhandle
  • Status: Available
Property Description

  We are extremely proud to have obtained an exclusive listing on a quality turn-key ranch property in the range of 14,000 acres.


  The ranch is located in the southeast Texas Panhandle/Northern Rolling Plains, approximately 90 miles southeast of Amarillo, Texas. The ranch has good access via county roads and is in close proximity to U.S. Highway 287. This area of Texas is widely recognized for its quality livestock production and outstanding hunting. The ranch is situated in a desirable climate with an average annual rainfall of approximately 21 inches and a growing season of about 215 days.


  This ranch includes a diverse terrain characterized by rolling uplands, breaks, and wide creek bottoms. Continuously improving the pasture has been a top priority of the ranch management over the past many years. This includes aerial spraying of mesquite, the mechanical clearing of juniper, and reseeding of native and improved grasses. The ranch has an excellent turf of productive grasses including buffalograss, sideoats grama, blue grama, hairy grama, bluestem, indiangrass, dropseed, etc. Two of the prominent creek bottoms have been cleared of brush leaving a lush productive grassy bottom with large cottonwood trees.

  The ranch includes five fields of dry cropland totaling approximately 290 acres. These fields are typically planted to wheat for winter grazing and game food plots. In the central part of the ranch are two newer center pivots, each irrigating 120 acres of improved grasses for enhanced grazing and productivity. In past years, one circle was planted to alfalfa.

  The ranch is fenced and cross-fenced into approximately 16 main pastures and several traps. The ease of operation of this ranch cannot be overstated given the pasture configuration and the 14 sets of working pens strategically located throughout the ranch. Given the many decades of prudent management and focus on pasture quality, the ranch can easily handle a carrying capacity of 500 animal units, based on a conservative stocking rate of 28 acres per animal unit.


  The ranch headquarters includes the main house, an office, a horse barn, a shop, a hunter's residence, and two hand houses. The livestock facilities at the headquarters include a processing area, shipping and sorting pens, and several feed pens with concrete bunks. These facilities offer flexibility and a variety of options for the livestock producer. All of the structures are very well maintained and in good condition. With these improvements, a substantial depreciation schedule could be set up by the new owner.


Considerable effort, time and attention over the years has been devoted to the water infrastructure on the ranch. Approximately 50 drinking troughs are strategically placed throughout the ranch so that livestock do not travel over 1/2 mile to water. The ranch is watered by a combination of rural water service and water wells. One irrigation well is found at the two center pivots. The ranch has a vast amount of proven groundwater reserves. The irrigation well pumps approximately 850 gallons per minute. This quantity of well output is extremely rare, and the importance of a well of this magnitude cannot be put into words.


This ranch has excellent recreational and hunting opportunities. The ranch is home to quality whitetail and mule deer. Turkey hunting is excellent and elk are found roaming parts of the ranch.


This outstanding offering includes 25% of the seller’s owned minerals. While there is no current oil/gas production on the ranch, acquiring mineral ownership in Texas is becoming increasingly rare. This offering includes all rights associated with alternative energy production, such as a wind and solar power production. Given the vast underground water reserves, 25% of any royalties associated with future commercial water sales will be reserved by the seller. However, all rights associated with executing a sale of commercial water rights will be conveyed to the purchaser.


This rare offering is realistically priced at $1,600 per acre and includes a substantial list of quality equipment and rolling stock. If you are in the market for a productive, turn-key, ranch in a very desirable location, this confidential offering deserves your attention. Interested parties must execute a confidentiality agreement in order to obtain specific information on this property.

For more information, please call Chad Dugger at (806) 773-4749.


Chad Dugger

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Barn
    Water Well
  • Mule Deer
    Whitetail Deer
  • Cattle
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 14,000.00
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