Roadrunner Ranch

Roadrunner Ranch | Texas
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$1,451,672 | 1,225.04 ACRES | SOLD

Charlie Middleton


  • Price: $1,451,672
  • Acreage: 1,225.04
  • ID: 106
  • Location: Matador, Texas
  • County: Motley
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

The Roadrunner Ranch is extremely well located north of Matador, with easy access being provided by paved frontage along US Hwy 70. This exceptional property has been under the same family ownership for over 35 years, and this is the first time the ranch has been offered for sale. 

This unique property has a lot to offer a cattleman or a recreation rancher. One quality that this ranch offers that helps to set it apart from other offerings is the absolutely tremendous grass turf. No livestock have been grazed on the property since 2011, and the native grasses have grown in abundance. Soils are typically sandy in nature in this area, primarily consisting of sandy loam. 

The southern portion of the ranch is terraced and was once in cultivation. Containing approximately 621 acres, this area was sprayed for mesquite over thirty years ago and unbelievably still maintains an extremely open appearance, with virtually no invasive mesquite. The grasses through this portion of the ranch are impressive. This part of the property is generally very level, sloping slightly to the north. 
The northern portion of the property, approximately 604 acres, has a more rolling topography with scattered cover. Grasses are exceptional throughout this portion of the property as well. Cedar and mesquite dot the rolling terrain and create an exceptional habitat for wildlife. 

This ranch is in an area that was blessed with exceptional quantities of fresh subsurface water. Water volume through the area is in abundance, and there is irrigated farmland nearby. 

The Roadrunner Ranch is considered to be well watered, with water supplied by an electric well and a solar installation, both piped to concrete drinkers. Additionally, Tom Ball Creek flows through the northwestern portion of the property and provides a nearly year-round source of fresh water for livestock and wildlife. A live spring flows through the northeastern portion of the ranch, into a dirt tank that was dammed up specifically to water this portion of the property. Good quality well water is not difficult to locate in this area and we feel confident that additional well water could be located, if desired.

Wildlife in this area is in abundance as well, likely due to the disbursement of quality cultivated farmland scattered through this region of productive pasture. Uncommonly, both whitetail and mule deer are found in this area, and quail are in abundance in years with timely moisture. Habitat is conducive to feral hogs as well as a variety of predators. Migratory dove hunting is generally good in this area as well. 

The ranch is fenced into two pastures, one being the open country to the south, the other being the more rolling country to the north. Overall, fences are in good to average condition. A set of pipe pens is located in the western portion of the property that was designed to handle larger volumes of cattle than this property would likely support. These well designed and well-built pens are constructed of pipe, and were designed for efficiency and ease of operation, with three main holding pens and more gates than you’d probably care to count. 

Overall, this impressive property has a lot to offer. The cattleman will appreciate the overall open appearance of the ranch, while the recreation enthusiast will appreciate the abundance of wildlife and having both whitetail and mule deer populations. Both ranchers and hunters will undoubtably appreciate the abundance of underground water and the tremendous grass turf. 

The Roadrunner Ranch is being offered with no reservations being made for future wind energy or solar production, and any owned minerals will convey with the property. With everything this property has to offer, and priced very realistically at $1,185 per acre, the Roadrunner Ranch may likely be the best deal on the market. 

If you are searching for a very productive property in this area, the Roadrunner Ranch deserves your attention. 

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  • Total Acres: 1,225.04
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