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Peterson Ranch | Texas
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$3,474,185 | 16,159.00 ACRES | SOLD

Sam Middleton


  • Price: $3,474,185
  • Acreage: 16,159.00
  • ID: 342
  • Location: Fort Sumner, Texas
  • County: De Baca
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

We have recently obtained an exclusive listing on a well improved Eastern New Mexico working cattle ranch.  Access to the Peterson Ranch is provided by a paved state highway, which basically runs through the center of the property, dividing the ranch into two fairly equal west and east sides, split by the highway.  The property is located about half way between Fort Sumner and Roswell and children have the choice to attend school at either place.  The ranch has been owned and operated by the Peterson Family for approximately 15 years.

The terrain is fairly level to gently rolling on the west side of the highway, becoming more hilly and sloping on the east side of the ranch.  Several productive drainages run through the property.  Wiley Draw is the major drainage.  It enters the ranch on the southwest side, drains to the northeast near the ranch headquarters, then turns to the southeast and exits the ranch near the southeast side of the property.  The bottomlands along this draw and other tributaries capture considerable runoff from higher uplands.  The grass cover is good to excellent throughout all prominent drainages on the ranch.  The grass canopy on the remainder of the property varies from fair to good, but is sparse in areas due to the lingering effects of a three-year drought.

Elevations on the ranch vary from approximately 4,075 feet in the low lying draws to approximately 4,300 feet on the elevated uplands and ridges.  The ranch has a desirable mixture of native grasses including galletta in the flats, sacaton in the overflow draws, and a mixture of buffalo, grama, three-awn and others throughout the remainder of the property.  Brush cover primarily includes low bush mesquite.

The ranch is fenced and crossfenced with three pastures on the east side of the highway and five pastures and two shipping/holding traps near the headquarters on the west side.

The Peterson Ranch is watered by two electric submersible wells, one operating windmill and approximately 15 miles of buried waterlines with large water storage reservoirs and livestock drinking troughs.  One additional windmill is not being used, and is not currently needed because of the extensive waterline network.  Well water is generally 38 feet to 173 feet deep, but the RO well, discussed below, is approximately 460 feet deep.  Quality of the well water is generally poor, but suitable for livestock.  The two shallow wells are gypy or brackish, as these wells have a high mineral content, which is typical in this area of New Mexico.

The deeper RO well, which is located near the north end of the ranch, is salty.  This well pumps 8 to 10 gallons per minute.  Within the past year, the owners of the property have constructed a truly state of the art reverse osmosis (RO) water system near this well.  This impressive system removes virtually all salt from the well water and delivers purified drinking water, very similar to bottled water quality.  There are three 20,000 gallon steel rim water storage reservoirs along the waterline and four 10,000 gallon enclosed reservoirs, with three of these being located at the RO system.  Also, there are two 3,000 gallon enclosed fiberglass water storages.  One is currently tied to the waterline network and the other is not; however, it will stay with the ranch.

Prior to the installation of the RO system, the owners of the ranch purchased drinking water in 5 gallon bottles.  Currently, they get their drinking water from 5 gallon bottles filled at the RO system; however, with a few minor changes in the pipeline system, the purified RO water can be piped directly to the headquarter improvements and used for all household purposes. 

The operating windmill is located on the east side of the ranch.  This well is located along Wylie Draw.  It is equipped with an electric submersible pump, and a portable generator is used to pump this well when the wind is not blowing.  This portable generator will stay with the property.

Other sources of water include approximately 12 dirt tanks and numerous seasonal holes of water scattered along the overflow draws.  Overall, the Peterson Ranch is considered to be adequately watered and the new RO system is a valuable, impressive asset to the property.  

The Peterson Ranch is well improved.  Headquarter improvements include an attractive, extremely well kept owners home.  This nice home has three-bedrooms, two baths and a fireplace in the living area.  Other improvements consist of an airplane hangar (could also be used as an equipment shed), overhead supplement feed bin, hayshed/equipment shed, and two shop/storage buildings.  Shipping pens are located at the headquarters.  These sturdy pens are well designed for handling livestock and are equipped with a squeeze chute, loading chute, livestock scales, plus crowding/sorting alleys and holding/working pens.  Overall, all headquarter improvements are well maintained and very functional for the ranching operation.  A roping arena constructed of portable panels will be removed by the sellers.  

The ranch generally receives three antelope permits per year, which are sold for a supplemental source of income.  Property taxes are extremely reasonable, being approximately $1,372, or around 8 per acre.

Historically, the Peterson Ranch has been operated as a 400 animal unit ranch, which appears to be a realistic carrying capacity during normal rainfall conditions.  The property has recently received favorable moisture, and is now recovering from a very severe three year drought.  Almost all ranchers in this area, and over much of the region either substantially reduced their cattle numbers or totally sold out.  Hopefully, these much needed recent rains will restore the property to normal stocking rates in the near future.

Climate data indicates that normal precipitation in the Fort Sumner/Roswell, New Mexico area is approximately 13  14 inches annually.  In the last three years, the entire region suffered from the most severe drought in anyones memory.  The owners of the Peterson Ranch have been fighting this drought for several years and are now ready to sell and move on.  This working cattle ranch is very realistically priced at only $215 per acre.  These recent beneficial rains should kick start this country and now is an opportune time to purchase this ranch at an extremely reasonable price.  When conditions ultimately improve, this ranch will be considered a bargain.  Now is the time to act.  

All of the sellers minerals will convey, if any.  If you are in the market for an economical operating all deeded cattle ranch, the Peterson Ranch should be considered, as everything is in place, ready to go, and recovery from the drought is definitely in progress.

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  • Total Acres: 16,159.00
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