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Mayfield Farm | Texas
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$924,000 | 840.00 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $924,000
  • Acreage: 840.00
  • ID: 126
  • Location: Hale County, Texas
  • County: Hale
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

Located in Hale County just 4 miles from Hale Center, Texas, the Mayfield Farm is a reasonably priced, partially irrigated farm.

We are proud to announce the exclusive listing of approximately 840 acres of partially irrigated farmland located in the central portion of Hale County, Texas.

The terrain of the Mayfield Farm varies from nearly level to gently sloping.  Basically, the south 520 acres of this property has a mostly level terrain, with the exception of a small playa lake located in the southwest corner of Section 25.  The north 320 acres has a more sloping terrain, with the majority of this area sloping to a small playa lake located in the northeast-quarter of Section 25.  The playa lake and the more sloping land is that portion of the property that is currently enrolled in the CRP.  Slopes across this farm range from 0-3%, with approximately 95% of the farm having 0-1% slopes and approximately 5% of the farm having 1-3% slopes.

The soil quality found on this farm is good, being primarily (65%) Pullman clay loam, 0-1% slopes, which is a Class II irrigated soil and a Class III dryland soil.

Overall, the Mayfield Farm is a productive partially irrigated farm located in a productive cotton farming area.


Location & Access

The Mayfield Farm is located approximately 4 miles west and 1.5 miles north of Hale Center, Texas.  Access is good, being by graded CR K, CR 145, CR J and CR 155.


Method of Operation

This property is currently being operated as a partially irrigated farm, with approximately 375.88 acres (45%) being operated as dry cropland, approximately 240 acres (29%) being irrigated by two center pivot irrigation systems, 213.12 acres (25%) enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), approximately 9 acres (1%) being in a playa lake bottom and 2 acres (-1%) being around an old homesite on the south-central side of Section 25.

In regard to the land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program,  213.12 acres are currently enrolled in CRP at a total annual payment of $8,545, with the last payment being in September of 2020.

Rusty Lawson

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  • Total Acres: 840.00
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