Matador Ranch - Wolf Creek Division

Matador Ranch - Wolf Creek Division | Texas
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$20,333,230 | 21,403.40 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $20,333,230
  • Acreage: 21,403.40
  • ID: 627
  • Location: Roaring Springs, Texas
  • County: Motley
  • Second County: Dickens
  • Third County: Floyd
  • Status: Sold
  • Water Rights: Yes
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes
  • Mineral Rights: Yes
Property Description

   The Wolf Creek Division contains approximately 21,403 acres and is located approximately 6 miles west of the small community of Roaring Springs, or about 10 miles southwest of Matador.  Several thousand acres on the extreme west end are located on the level plains above the Caprock Escarpment.  Portions of this area were in cultivation at one time, but are now reseeded to improved bluestem pasture.  Other areas on the plains remain in native pasture.  All of the plains country has an open appearance with very little brush invasion.  Elevations on the plains country are approximately 3,000 feet.

   The property descends from the level upland plains country to the Rolling Plains under the Caprock edge.  The terrain becomes broken below the Caprock with caliche, limestone and gravelly hills draining eastwardly.  Juniper is scattered throughout this broken country, mostly on the ridgelines and steeper drainages.  The major drainage below the Caprock is Wolf Creek, which heads just below the Caprock Escarpment and drains in a southeasterly direction through the ranch for a distance of approximately 7 – 8 miles.  This live flowing spring fed creek exits the ranch near the southeast corner.  The entire creek bottom is extremely scenic and very productive with much of the sandy bottom being sub-irrigated.  Sand Sage and Plum thickets are common in the creek bottom. Cottonwood trees, Hackberry trees, Willows and Soapberry trees are scattered all along the creek bottoms.  Elevation near the southeast corner of the ranch where Wolf Creek exits the property is approximately 2,600 feet.  Away from the creek the property elevates with gravelly rolling hills, scattered bluffs and draws draining to the creek.  This area of the ranch has a good turf of native grasses with a scattered to moderate canopy of Mesquite, Shin Oak, Hackberry and Juniper in the rougher areas.

    Further to the east, sandstone ridges are common above the creek with rolling sandy loam soils over a large area of this portion of the ranch.  Mesquite canopies are scattered to moderate with Sage and Shin Oak in the sandier areas.

   A commercial gravel pit is located just south of the state highway and from time-to-time gravel mined from this pit generates additional cash flow to the ranch.

   A paved state highway adjoins the north boundary of the Wolf Creek Division.  The plains country is partitioned into 8 – 10 pastures and the country below the Caprock is partitioned into approximately 6 pastures and several traps. Approximately 1,000 acres are high game fenced.  To accommodate hunters with a desire for even more superior deer than the natural genetics of the Rolling Plains, the ranch introduced superior whitetail deer in this high game fence area.

   The Wolf Creek Division is improved by two large sets of shipping pens with scales and hydraulic chute.  This Division is well watered by live creek water, pitted playa lakes, dirt tanks, wells, and an extensive waterline network with drinking troughs. 

   The Wolf Creek Camp House, barn and pens are located on the highway on a separate 160-acre tract.  The manager of the Wolf Creek Division resides at this camp house.


Sam Middleton

Clint Robinson

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • ATV/Off Road
    Game Proof Fence
    Income Producing
    Mineral Rights
    Overhead Feed Bins
    Water Rights
    Water Well
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 21,403.40
  • Topography: Various
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes
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