Lucy Ranch

Lucy Ranch | New Mexico
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$10,836,182 | 60,537.33 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $10,836,182
  • Acreage: 60,537.33
  • ID: 333
  • Location: Encino, New Mexico
  • County: Torrance
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

The ranch is located in the central portion of New Mexico. More specifically, in the Willard, Corona, Encino, Clines Corner Circle.

Nearly 100% of the ranch has a gently rolling to hilly terrain with several wide overflow draws. The major portion of the property has an open appearance. The extreme south end of the ranch elevates to mountain side slopes. Elevations range from 6,230 feet to 6,500 feet.



The ranch is watered by windmills, electric submersible wells, one new solar well and buried waterlines with drinking troughs. 



The improvements are modest and consist of three usable sets of livestock pens, several outbuildings and couple of houses that have not been lived in for several years. 



Access is provided by paved highway and graded county road.



The ranch receives approximately 6 antelope permits per year and good mule deer habitat is found in the protected mountain slopes area. 
Price: $179.00 per deeded acre



This is a no frills, low overhead working cattle ranch. Based on historic management practices, the property is rated at approxiamtely 1,100 animal units.

Sam Middleton

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  • Total Acres: 60,537.33
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