Lagos Grande Ranch

Lagos Grande Ranch | Texas
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$2,123,358 | 1,939.14 ACRES | SOLD

Sam Middleton

Charlie Middleton


  • Price: $2,123,358
  • Acreage: 1,939.14
  • ID: 421
  • Location: Aspermont, Texas
  • County: Stonewall
  • Status: Sold
  • Water Rights: Available
  • Wind Energy Rights: Available
Property Description

“About four miles to the west and south we found an ideal hunter’s camp…with plenty of fresh water, good grass and wood in abundance. Here we made headquarters until April….we were west of the 100th Meridian and in full view of Kiowa Peak to our east and Double Mountains to the west. There were buffalo, antelope, deer, and as one of the party remarked, ‘turkey until further orders.”

Such were the words of John R. Cook, buffalo hunter turned author, when describing a campsite in 1875 after entering into what is now Stonewall County, in the Texas Rolling Plains. Although his campsite was situated some north of present day Aspermont, his hunting forays ranged far and wide throughout the region, reaching as far as the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos to the south, and miles to the west.

Property Description

This extremely unique property has been well managed under the current family ownership with an emphasis on habitat improvement for cattle and wildlife. With a dedicated focus on water catchment and brush control, the ranch has excellent surface water coverage, and the removal of invasive brush species has exponentially increased the range carrying capacity and soil productivity.

Land features are defined by gentle rolling topography with elevations ranging from 1,750’ to just over 1,825’ and harbors some mesquite and juniper with an excellent understory of native grasses and forbs, affording excellent habitat for many wildlife species.

Lagos Grande is fenced and cross-fenced into three pastures, each about a section in acreage, with fences in an overall good condition. The east section can be defined as primarily native pastureland, except for one cultivated field of about 50 acres, typically planted to small grains for grazing or baling. This pasture fronts Highway 83 and is encumbered with some oil production. The two west pastures are free from oil production and associated vehicle traffic and offer the best hunting and fishing opportunities.


The Lagos Grande Ranch, south of Aspermont in Stonewall County, is only a few miles from Cook’s old 1875 hunting camp and offers much of what he must have seen 145 years ago, minus the buffalo and antelope.

Water Features

As implied by its name, Lagos Grande is a property of abundant surface water. The ranch lies south of Aspermont Lake, which when full, backs up onto the property. Excessive rainfall has been mechanically channeled and feeds into several reservoirs, beginning on the south end of the property at Aspermont Lake. From that point, the water flows to a series of earthen ponds, each designed to overflow into successive tanks downstream.

Hunting, Wildlife and Recreation

The Lagos Grande offers the sportsman a four-season retreat, supporting a plethora of game and non-game species such as whitetail deer, wild boar, coyotes and bobcats. The availability of surface water offers excellent opportunities for various species of waterfowl, including dove and sandhill crane. For those given to the use of hook and line, at least one of the four earthen stock tanks provide an excellent opportunity for fishing.


The ranch does not have an abundance of structural improvements, however, there is a large equipment storage shed located near the main entrance, along with two sets of metal pipe livestock working pens.

Price and Remarks

The Lagos Grande is a remarkable property that offers excellent livestock production potential as well as four season recreation. The property is offered for sale at $1,095 per acre. 

Broker Comments

For a taste of an older Texas, to walk the grounds of those hunting fields of yesteryear, this ranch possesses the flavor and vision from another time, a rare commodity in these current times.

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Cattle/Ranch
    Food Plots
    Water Well
  • Dove
  • Bass
  • Oats
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 1,939.14
  • Zoning: Agricultural
  • Topography: Rolling
  • Wind Energy Rights: Available
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