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Firehunt Ranch | Texas
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$5,614,500 | 5,700.00 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $5,614,500
  • Acreage: 5,700.00
  • ID: 744
  • Location: Jayton, Texas
  • County: Kent
  • Status: Sold
  • Water Rights: Yes, 100% Owned, 100% Conveying
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes, 100% Owned, 100% Conveying
Property Description

   This ranch is a dream for the sportsman, being fairly isolated and remote, but with generally easy access, electricity, and water. This ranch has a perfect cover for whitetails, turkey, and especially bobwhite quail.

   The ranch topography is generally rolling and undulating, and soils are sandy in nature. Portions of the property have a very dense canopy of sand shinnery. Cover is generally provided by large mots of shin oak with scattered mesquite thickets and oak trees. Thickets of hackberry trees and chinaberry trees are very common with cedar being sparsely scattered throughout the property. While not considered dense the brush cover over most of the ranch is plentiful and considered to be ideal for native wildlife. Principal grasses include buffalo, varieties of grama and bluestems. An abundance of forbs is available for wildlife feed and protection. Very little cactus is present.

   The Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River flows nearby. The breaks along the river provide good winter cover for wildlife while the uplands (such as the Firehunt Ranch) provide excellent year-round food sources. Overall, this portion of Kent County offers exceptional hunting opportunities with wildlife flourishing in the area.

   The ranch is fenced and fences are in overall good condition. A set of livestock pens is located near the entrance to the property.

    Access is provided by a deeded easement off a graded county road.


   The ranch is located in southeastern Kent County, south of the farming and ranching community of Jayton in the Texas Rolling Plains.


   This ranch has historically been owned by sportsmen and utilized as a hunting property while livestock grazing rights have been leased to a ranch family in the area.

Water Features

   Water for livestock and wildlife is provided by four electric wells and concrete drinking troughs. Several wells have been equipped with water storage reservoirs. Water is piped from two water wells to nine concrete drinking troughs.

Hunting  •  Wildlife  •  Recreation

   As previously stated, the Firehunt Ranch has a near-perfect blend of shinnery and mesquite cover for wildlife. Several food plots have been installed for deer hunting but generally the focus on this property for many years has been hunting wild quail.

   The Firehunt Ranch adjoins several large ranch ownerships. Whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey, dove, and wild boar all are common in this area. Whitetail genetics throughout this portion of Kent County is known to produce quality bucks.

   Over the years numerous hunting lanes have been shredded through the ranch creating countless corridors to access all portions of the property. Many quail feeders are installed throughout the ranch as well. Overall, the ranch is nearly 100% accessible.

Price  •  Remarks

   The Firehunt Ranch is priced at $985 per acre. The true sportsman will thoroughly appreciate this property and all that it offers.

   It is the opinion of the broker that access to the ranch lends itself to privacy and security. There are several good locations for a hunting lodge and/or ranch headquarters. Electricity is available in several good locations and water is relatively close in many spots.

   Seller makes no reservations for wind, solar or green energy. There is a wind farm in sight to the east of the ranch, however, wind turbines are not visible from much of the property. There are no distractive powerlines on or through the property other than two utility electric power lines that supply power to water wells.

   If you are searching for a ranch in the Texas Rolling Plains that offers exceptional deer and quail hunting possibilities, the Firehunt Ranch deserves your attention.


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Charlie Middleton

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Corrals/Pens
    Food Plots
    Water Well
    Wildlife Feeders
  • Dove
    Whitetail Deer
  • Cattle
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 5,700.00
  • Zoning: Agricultural
  • Topography: Rolling
  • Vegetation: Shinnery, Mesquite, Sage, Oak Trees, Hackberry Trees
  • Wind Energy Rights: Yes, 100% Owned, 100% Conveying
Building Details