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6666 Frisco Creek Ranch Division | Texas
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$12,209,260 | 9,427.70 ACRES | SOLD


  • Price: $12,209,260
  • Acreage: 9,427.70
  • ID: 536
  • Location: Stratford, Texas
  • County: Sherman
  • Status: Sold
Property Description

*Offered collectively as a package with the 6666 Ranch and 6666 Dixon Creek Ranch Division. 

The Frisco Creek Ranch is located in the extreme northern Texas Panhandle, being only approximately 2 miles from the Oklahoma Panhandle state line.  The property is north of Amarillo and is situated approximately 20 miles east of Stratford, Texas.  The ranch has excellent access by two paved highways.

Most everyone knows of the legend and the history of the 6666’s Ranching empire.  The Frisco Creek Ranch is a recent acquisition of the 6666’s.  Their main 6666’s Ranch at Guthrie, Texas, along with their Dixon Creek Ranch near Borger are both operated as cow/calf ranching units.  In order to maximize profits, it became necessary to wean their calves, rather than sell them straight off the cow.  The 6666’s needed a very productive property to use to wean their calves in the Fall prior to shipping these calves to the all-natural feedyard they use in the Texas Panhandle.  In 2016 Sam Middleton was contacted by the General Manager of the 6666’s.  With Sam’s help, they purchased the very productive Frisco Creek Ranch, which proved to be the perfect place to wean their calves prior to going to the feedyard. 

When the 6666’s purchased Frisco Creek in 2016, it was already considered to be a productive cattle operation, being a combination of native pasture and pivot irrigation.  When the property was first purchased, there were three pivot sprinklers on the ranch with a total of approximately 367 acres in cultivation.  At that time, the irrigated land was farmed in corn and wheat.  Soon after purchasing this ranch, the 6666’s added considerable fencing, pipe feed pens with concrete feed bunks, developed additional irrigation and additional pivots, taking this property to the next level. Currently, there are 7 irrigated pivot circles on the property.  Each pivot contains a little over 120 wet acres, for a total of approximately 861 irrigated acres.  Approximately 260 acres are in dryland corners, leaving slightly over 8,300 acres of native and improved pasture. In order to maximize productivity, 6 of the 7 pivots have been seeded to Stockmaster Forage, which is a combination of fescue, orchard grass and rye grass.  This is a pasture mix that once established, will last for 8 or more years before needing to be reseeded.  Now, the Frisco Creek Ranch can truly be characterized as an intensive “beef factory”.

Under the current operation, a majority of the 6666’s calves are shipped to Frisco Creek in the Fall of the year, where they are straightened out, pastured on native grass, irrigated/fertilized improved grass and/or supplementally bunk fed.  Typically, these calves will stay at Frisco Creek for 45 – 60 days, then shipped to Mc 6 Feedyard to be finished and sold to Walmart, where they bring a 10₵ – 12₵ per pound premium.  During the remainder of the year, Frisco Creek Ranch takes in thousands of outside ownership cattle on a gain basis or on a per head per month basis.  Totally, management of Frisco Creek Ranch estimates the property can handle approximately 10,000 head of cattle per year, or two sets of 5,000 head each.

The growing season in this area of the Northern Texas Panhandle averages approximately 182 days and the annual precipitation is 18” – 19”, with snow fall fairly common in the winter months.  Elevations on the Frisco Creek Ranch range from approximately 3,350 feet in the lower bottom areas to 3,500 feet on the elevated uplands.

The terrain of the Frisco Creek Ranch varies from nearly level to gently sloping and slightly broken.  The main portion of the native grass is located on the west side of the ranch.  This area of the ranch has a rolling to slightly broken terrain with an overall open appearance.  Frisco Creek, which is a wet weather creek, runs through this area of the ranch.  There is very little brush cover on the native grass portion of the property.  The native pasture is fenced into 4 pastures and a shipping trap with pens, working facilities and hydraulic squeeze chute.  This area of the ranch is watered by an electric submersible well, solar wells and waterlines.  Across the highway to the east, the ranch elevates to the upland plains area.  On this portion of the property there are 7 irrigated pivots, with 6 seeded to Stockmaster Forage and one seeded to a crab grass mix.  The 7 pivot sprinklers are nozzled at 350 gallons per minute to 500 gallons per minute each.  There are 7 irrigation wells developed in this area of the property.  These wells pump from over 200 gallons per minute to 800 gallons per minute and well depths vary from 450 feet to 540 feet.  All wells are powered by electricity.  Each pivot is fenced separately and there are also a number of small grazing traps averaging approximately 160 acres each.  All of the irrigation wells can be piped to enclosed water storage reservoirs where the water can be diverted as needed.  These traps are a combination of native and improved pasture.  A main feeding lane runs for a distance of approximately 5 miles through the center of this area of the ranch.  This feeding lane is fenced on both sides and can be used as a drive lane for cattle or as a lane to dump feed into bunks adjoining each pivot and the native and improved grass traps.  Near the center of this area of the ranch the 6666’s has recently developed pipe feeding pens and concrete bunks as an additional area to feed and hold livestock, as needed.  Soil types over the property vary from loam to clay loam and sandy loam soils.

The Frisco Creek Ranch is extremely well improved.  The main home was built in 2006 and is described as a log home with concrete foundation, wrap-around porch with stone accents and a metal roof.  This partial two-story home features a large great room with cathedral wood beam ceiling, stacked rock fireplace and stained concrete floors.  Adjacent to the great room is an open kitchen area.  Two-bedrooms and two-baths are located downstairs.  A massive wooden stairway leads to a loft area positioned above the kitchen and downstairs bedrooms.  A deck sitting area overlooks the great room.  Another rock fireplace is located at the upstairs sitting area.  The master bedroom and bath are located upstairs.  The downstairs portion of the home contains approximately 2,442 square feet and the upstairs area contains approximately 1,216 square feet, for a total of approximately 3,658 square feet of living area.  The total square footage under roof is approximately 5,376 square feet, which includes the wrap-around porch area.  To the east of the main home is a metal sided barn/apartment/covered working pens area.  The western portion of this structure is an apartment with living/kitchen area, two-bedrooms and a bath.  Adjacent to the apartment is an enclosed shop/garage.  Next to the shop/garage is a 4,000 square foot covered area with dirt floor used to train horses.  The far east portion of the covered facility houses livestock working facilities, including a crowding alley and hydraulic chute.  From this covered area the extensive working, shipping and sorting pens, along with a large round pen are found.  Other nearby improvements include the commodity barn where feed is mixed and the large set of livestock and truck scales.  On the far east side of the property is an older quonset barn, hand house and another set of livestock working pens, also equipped with hydraulic chute.

Without question, the Frisco Creek Ranch is extremely well improved, very functional and productive.  This well designed state-of-the-art cattle operation is priced at $1,295 per acre.  Besides being an outstanding cattle operation, the many improvements offer a substantial depreciation schedule for the buyer.  For further information on the ranch or to schedule a showing, please contact Sam Middleton (817) 304-0504.

Sam Middleton

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  • Total Acres: 9,427.70
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