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The Right Appraiser Makes All the Difference

Different types of properties require different appraisal experience. Because our appraisers work extensively with ranches and farms, they know the true market value of a property. With their insider knowledge, they know what people are looking for and what it’s worth. From desirable wildlife to picturesque views, our team will help you get the most out of your property.

There’s more to crafting an appraisal than finding comparable properties. Our appraisers uncover the context of recent sales, research the area, and make an exhaustive on-site study of the property. Finally, based on this information and their years of experience, they give you their estimate of the fair market value. Our appraisals are as accurate as possible and have helped many property owners profit from their investment.

Professionals Appraisals for Farms, Land & Ranches in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma & Colorado

Chas. S. Middleton and Son is active in the appraisal of farms, ranches, and commercial cattle feed yards. Should you have a need for a professional agricultural appraisal, please keep our services in mind.

We have three appraisers on staff, including Sam Middleton, ARA, Rusty Lawson and Chad Dugger, ARA.

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