South Division of the Caloosa Ranch

Aspermont, Texas | $6,000,000

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Acreage: 5,300 +/- Acres
Location: Texas Rolling Plains
Aspermont, Texas/Stonewall County
Status: Available
Price: $6,000,000


Offered by: Chad Dugger
Office: 806-763-5331
Direct: 806-773-4749


LOCATION: The South Division of the Caloosa Ranch is located in Stonewall County northwest of Aspermont in the Texas Rolling Plains.

HISTORY: The Caloosa Ranch is well suited for a cow-calf operation. The ranch is cross fenced into approximately five pastures and small traps. The estimated carrying capacity of the ranch is in the 35 acre per animal unit range, or a total of 150 animal units. The carrying capacity will vary depending on moisture conditions.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: The scenic topography ranges from rolling to rugged, draining to the Salt Fork of the Brazos River, which meanders in and out of the south boundary of the ranch. Elevations range from approximately 1,870 feet in the northwest corner of the ranch, descending to 1,650 feet in the Salt Fork bottom. Soil types are primarily fine sandy loams with silt loams in the bottoms. While the majority of the ranch is native pasture, there are two areas, located on the east and west sides of the ranch that were formerly cultivated. The fields on the west side of the ranch contain approximately 540 acres, and the fields on the east side of the ranch contain approximately 140 acres. While these areas have reverted to grass, they could easily be returned to cultivation and planted to small grains to enhance a cattle operation or utilized for game food plots. Additional wheat pasture acreage is found around the headquarters.

Two major drainages run through the South Division of the Caloosa Ranch. The Salt Fork of the Brazos River meanders in and out of the south boundary. Scenic rocky ledges and cliffs overlook this wide river bottom. South Camp Hollow heads just south of CR 350 and flows in a southerly direction and to the Salt Fork. Numerous other header creeks and draws meander through the ranch providing a very scenic, broken and rolling appearance.

Typical vegetation includes beargrass, croton, ragweed, lotebush, sumac, scattered hackberry trees in the creek and draw bottoms and scattered shinnery in the sandier portions of the ranch. Typical native grasses include grama, buffalograss, bluestem, Canadian wildrye, vine-mesquite and Indiangrass. Mesquite is common throughout the ranch, in varying concentrations. Cedar is found on the sideslopes of the ridges and draws.

IMPROVEMENTS: The Caloosa Ranch headquarters is located in the central part of the ranch on CR 350. Improvements at the headquarters include a good quality 3/2 frame house, shop/horse barn with tack and feed storage and shipping pens. Located southwest of the headquarters is the dog kennel barn. This barn includes 18 indoor/outdoor chainlink dog kennels. A second frame residence is found off of CR 350 east of the headquarters.

WATER FEATURES: The South Division of the Caloosa Ranch is very well watered. An extensive network of buried waterline, is found throughout the ranch providing water to numerous drinking troughs. Water will be furnished by wells equipped with submersible pumps located on the north side of CR 350 on the North Division of the Caloosa Ranch. The wells on the North Division are equipped with large water storages, which are tied to the waterline network. This provides for a continuous source of water for the many drinking troughs. A well share agreement, between buyer and seller, will need to be executed upon the sale of the ranch.

HUNTING AND RECREATION: The recreational features of the South Division of the Caloosa Ranch are excellent. The location, terrain, vegetation and years of excellent stewardship make this ranch one of the finest hunting properties in the region. The ranch is set up for both outstanding deer and quail hunting. Numerous quail feeders are scattered throughout the ranch.

BROKER COMMENTS: Seldom does are ranch of this size and quality come on the market in this reputation area. The South Division of the Caloosa Ranch represents a tremendous opportunity to purchase a fine recreational and working ranch property. If you are in the market for a quality, diverse, recreational and livestock ranch, this offering deserves your attention.

PRICE: $1,132 per acre or a total of $6,000,000

If you would like to schedule a visit to this remarkable, one of a kind ranch property, please give me a call. If you are looking for a ranch of this magnitude, but the South Division of the Caloosa Ranch doesn’t fit your needs, please call me and let me assist you in finding a farm or ranch that does.

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