Snyder Family Ranches – Headquarters Ranch

Baird, Texas | $6829975

Property info

Acreage  |  3,805±

Location | Baird, TX

County | Callahan

Status  |  Available

Price |  $6,829,975


Charlie Middleton

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Topography is generally influenced by Hubbard Creek, which flows through the western portion of the property for over two and one-half miles, and a high ridge that drops over 175’ located on the southeastern portion of the ranch.

Approximately 110-125 acres of land on the western portion of the property is currently in cultivation, generally planted to wheat. These fields are a magnet to deer and turkey, and it is not uncommon to see 20 or more deer in a group on these fields in the evening. These fields are typically grazed then baled depending upon moisture conditions.

Portions of the property have some prickly pear cactus, which is evident in the photos, and typical for this entire area. As the Headquarters Ranch is a part of a larger working family cattle operation, spraying cactus is done on a rotational basis. The cactus over much of the property has been sprayed over the course of the previous two to three years.



The Snyder Family Headquarters Ranch is located in Callahan County north of Baird in the Central Texas Region of Texas.



The Snyder Family started ranching in this area back in the 1870’s. Originally, the Snyder’s great grandfather moved to this part of Texas and began buying property and running cows. Now, five generations later, the ranch is still under the ownership of the Snyder family and is still operated as a cow/calf ranch.

The Headquarters Ranch is the heart of the entire operation and is comprised of the Chase and Hardy divisions combined.



There are two main sets of improvements located on the Headquarters Ranch, both easily accessible from the highway. The main ranch house and bunkhouse, horse barn and working/shipping pens are located in the southwestern corner of the property and another ranch house and barn is located just to the north approximately 1/2 mile away. The houses and other improvements appear to be very well maintained and ready to use.



The property is considered to be exceptionally well watered by Hubbard Creek and several large dirt tanks. Rural water has been piped to the property and electricity is available on the ranch. There is a good network of roads throughout the ranch throughout the property that are generally in good condition.



The ranch is considered to offer exceptional habitat for wildlife. Turkey, quail and whitetail deer are all common, and migratory bird hunting is generally very good in this area. The cultivated fields are a magnet to wildlife in the area.



The property is offered with 50% of the owned minerals along with 100% of the executive leasing rights. The property will convey with 100% of the wind energy rights included.



$1,795 per acre or a total of $6,829,975



It is seldom that opportunities such as this arise. This property offers a great location, scenery and good cover and vegetation for wildlife and cattle. Amenities such as the city waterline and electricity make this an even more desirable ranch. Long term ownership quality ranches like this, with miles of live water, well maintained improvements and substantial minerals included, are hard to find, so this offering deserves your attention.

If you would like to schedule a visit to this remarkable, one of a kind ranch property, please give me a call. If you are looking for a ranch of this magnitude, but the Snyder Family Ranches Headquarters Ranch doesn’t fit your needs, please call me and let me assist you in finding a ranch that does.

Other nearby properties owned by this family that are also listed for sale

Harris Pasture: 1,331 Acres/Callahan County (Sold!)

Seales Pasture: 1,143 acres located south of Baird (features a ten-acre lake, electricity, producing minerals)

Dodson Pasture: 854 Acres/Shackelford County (Sold!)

Austin Pasture: 670 acres located near Cross Plains (features good cover, city water, electric nearby, minerals) (Sold!)

All of the above ranches listed above are offered for sale including minerals, and all except for the Seales Pasture have city water piped to the property, along with electricity either being on the property or very nearby. The Seales Pasture has a ten acre lake and some existing oil production, and ½ of the owned minerals are offered with that property, including the existing production.

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