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Reserve Ranch | Texas
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$4,478,885 | 3,057.26 ACRES | UNDER CONTRACT

Charlie Middleton


  • Price: $4,478,885
  • Acreage: 3,057.26
  • ID: 290
  • Location: Clairemont, Texas
  • County: Kent
  • Status: Under Contract
  • Water Rights: All Owned/All Conveyed
  • Wind Energy Rights: All Owned/All Conveyed
  • Mineral Rights: All Owned Conveyed
Property Description

The Reserve Ranch offers everything the sportsman desires, with an abundance of wildlife, varied terrain features, a sculpted and manicured brush canopy, live water and an abundance of subsurface water. The country is predominantly an extremely desirable mix of shinnery and mesquite with soils being sandy in nature.

The ranch varies greatly from north to south, with the Salt Fork of the Brazos River being a major influence along the southern portion of the property. Continuing in a northerly direction the country becomes more level and shinnery becomes prevalent scattered with sage, mesquite and soapberry thickets, scattered oaks and hackberries. Many roads throughout this portion of the ranch are disked to provide access for hunting as well as to promote forb growth for quail seed.

Continuing still further north, soils remain sandy in nature, however, the turf transitions from shinnery to more of a grassland prairie. Plum thickets dot the landscape along with scattered mesquites. A large portion of this area has been selectively grubbed to create ideal habitat for wildlife. Dry Duck Creek, an ephemeral stream, influences the terrain, offering some topographic relief to this portion of the ranch.

Several long senderos and foodplots are planted to grains on an annual basis for wildlife, further enhancing the deer, turkey and quail population. An abundance of roads throughout the property and large neighboring landowners gives the Reserve the feel of being a substantially larger property.


The ranch lies just north of Clairemont and is accessible by Paved Highway 208.


The Reserve Ranch has been manicured for wildlife for a period of over thirty years. A skilled eye will be able to detect ways that this ranch has been improved for wildlife. There are very few brush piles and many areas have had brush mechanically sculpted in ways that appear native.

Water Features

Water throughout this region of Texas is precious and is an extremely limited commodity. The Reserve Ranch is blessed to have an abundance of well water available. Water is piped from a well located in the northeastern portion of the property all the way to the ranch headquarters. Multiple concrete drinking troughs are scattered across the property, with several being located at the ranch headquarters.

The Salt Fork of the Brazos River flows through the southern portion of the Reserve Ranch for approximately ¾ of a mile and is effectively a property boundary for another ¾ of a mile. Stunning views are afforded in every direction from the hills overlooking the river.

A dam on Dry Duck Creek will back up water during periods of timely rainfall.

Hunting, Wildlife and Recreation

The Reserve Ranch is a very unique property, and as mentioned, has everything that a sportsman desires. Trophy class whitetails roam the river bottoms and hillsides and mule deer are known to be in the area. Numerous flocks of turkey call the ranch home, along with quail and seasonal migratory birds. To find another ranch of this size that offers all of this would be a difficult task.


The ranch headquarters is modest, consisting of an older brick three bedroom home for the main residence. This home contains two baths and a covered porch was enclosed and converted to a bunkroom. A small bunkhouse is located near a metal barn that serves as a shop building for maintenance as well as covered parking for ranch equipment.


No reservations are being made for minerals or wind energy royalties.

Price and Remarks

The Reserve Ranch is listed at $1,465 per acre. Property taxes in this area are reasonable, being approximately $5,500 per year. There are no easements through the property and all exterior gates can be locked ensuring privacy.

Broker Comments

If you are in the market for an exceptional recreation hunting ranch, the Reserve definitely deserves your immediate attention.

Property Summary

Activities & Amenities
  • Barn
    Mineral Rights
    Water Rights
    Water Well
    Wildlife Feeders
    Work Shop
  • Dove
    Mule Deer
    Whitetail Deer
  • Hay
  • Cattle
Land Details
  • Total Acres: 3,057.26
  • Topography: Rolling
  • Wind Energy Rights: All Owned/All Conveyed
Building Details