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Like-Kind Exchanges Under IRC Code Section 1031 For Ranch and Farm Land

Posted in: Texas Ranches, New Mexico Ranches, Colorado Farm and Ranch, Recreational Ranches, Cattle Ranches

Like-kind exchanges have been a vital part of the Internal Revenue Code under Section 1031 for many years. A 1031 exchange allows an investor to defer capital gains when exchanging one investment property for another “like-kind” property.

Contrary to popular belief, Section 1031 is not a loophole or a tax savings vehicle. The capital gains tax is not avoided, only deferred, thus the more common name "tax deferred exchange".

Wildlife Management Property Tax Valuation: If your trapping hogs, your almost there!

Posted in: Texas Ranches, Hunting, Texas Farms, Recreation, Recreational Ranches

Do you trap or hunt feral hogs on your property? Would you like to save on your tax bill?

Determining the Age of Whitetail Deer

Posted in: Recreational Ranches, Recreation, Hunting

Knowing how to tell the age of an animal has been an important skill for managers and users of animals for hundreds of years. Selecting an animal the right age for a particular use was a mark of an experienced herdsman.