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Texas Farm Loan Programs Division

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FSA makes direct and guaranteed farm ownership (FO) and operating loans (OL) to family-size farmers and ranchers who cannot obtain commercial credit. FSA loans can be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed and supplies.

How EQIP Works in Texas and how to Apply for EQIP Programs

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Have you ever wondered how EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) Programs offered through the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Services) work? This article will outline what the programs are, along with how to apply.

Like-Kind Exchanges Under IRC Code Section 1031 For Ranch and Farm Land

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Like-kind exchanges have been a vital part of the Internal Revenue Code under Section 1031 for many years. A 1031 exchange allows an investor to defer capital gains when exchanging one investment property for another “like-kind” property.

Contrary to popular belief, Section 1031 is not a loophole or a tax savings vehicle. The capital gains tax is not avoided, only deferred, thus the more common name "tax deferred exchange".

Range Condition: Key To Sustained Ranch Productivity

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What is range condition? | How does range condition differ from forage condition? | Why is range condition important to me? | How do I determine the species composition of my rangeland? | What is range trend? | How do I monitor range trend? | How do I improve range condition? | How fast does range condition change? | What range condition class is best for me